The housemates win control of the house…

 The housemates win control of the house…

On tonight’s show… The main house wins the right to nominate this week, and immunity. The Others move into the main house and become fully fledged housemates.

It’s the second day of the battle between the two houses. Both sides are battling to win control over the house and win immunity from nominations.

Talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Andy says: “This house needs a shake up now! I don’t feel any loyalty to anyone accept to Emma and Jason, the two people who have been the nicest to me over the last few days.”

Ryan is annoyed as The Others have been locked out of the garden while Big Brother sets the task, and says “I’ve been smoking since I was 14!” Jackson explains to Hughie, “I’ve had addictions bro innit, I’ve come off my addictions myself. I’ve gone onto smoking fags. If I can’t get my cigarette, the one thing that comes straight back into my mind is doing things I regret. For me it’s more for than just having a cigarette.”

Hughie is irritating some of The Others. They tell him to calm down and Big Brother calls him to the diary room, “I don’t want to argue with people, but I will not sit down and keep my mouth shut!” He agrees that they should be working as a team. Jackson and Hughie later hug it out, and The Others agree to work as a team.

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It’s then time for the Housemates and the Others to take part in another series of battles to win control of the Big Brother house.

The first battle requires housemates and The Others to go head to head to be the first person to collect blue orbs, whilst struggling with gunge on the plastic arena floor. The housemates win this battle.

Big Brother 2016

For the final part of the task, each house is asked to pick their strongest competitor. Jason and Alex are picked, and they go head to head in the battle to control nominations.

Jason and Alex are asked a series of questions, which if they get right, will allow them to unlock boxes, which ultimately leads to the silver nominations box. Jason is the quickest, and wins the housemates control of this week’s nominations and immunity.

Big Brother later announces to both houses that the housemates have won control of the house, the right to nominate and immunity for the week. As a result,  The Others are now asked to move into the house to become housemates, they are greeted by cheers from the house.

Jason and Charlie discuss their relationship…

Jason tells Charlie that he will ‘have her back in the house’. Charlie reveals that she has told The Others about how she treated him. The pair hug.

Big Brother 2016

Talking about Charlie to Big Brother, Jason says  “It makes things harder for me. My main concern is for her to be happy. An unhappy Charlie is not the best Charlie to be around.”

Later, in the smoking area, Charlie tells Jason, “I don’t mind top and tailing with you! I’d like to have a little cuddle with you.” She states that she will ‘fight for him’ and ‘seize the opportunity’.

Big Brother 2016

Later in the evening, talking on the bedroom floor. She asks him ‘what direction are they going in’. He replies, “We are not together. We are in the Big Brother house, you are putting me in a position again.” She gets up and joins Jayne in bed.

Natalie causes tension between Lateysha and Hughie…

Natalie sits down with Sam to tell him that she doesn’t like Hughie, and him and Ryan have been sharing a bed.

In the garden, Natalie tells Lateysha that Hughie has called her a ‘sl@g’. Lateysha later tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that she’s annoyed with Hughie for judging her.

Later in the bedroom, Lateysha confronts Hughie  “I know what you’ve been saying about me. You seem like a nice guy to me, I’m not going to judge you. So please, in future, don’t judge people.” He replies, “For me as a traveller I know what it’s liked to be pre-judged.” He apologies and the pair hug.

These scenes air tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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