The house turn against Andy

 The house turn against Andy

Ex-BBC journalist Andy West began his Big Brother journey as the public favourite and the house favourite. West was fired by the BBC for being ‘outspoken’ and so he continues to be this way in Borehamwood.

In last night’s (Sunday) show, Andy was targeted during the task against the Others. Emma described Andy as ‘boring’ in the task. Andy was also described as a ‘sly fox’ by the tweets – Jayne was adamant that Andy was ‘going under current’ and ‘could win this show’.

Day 13 Group.
Day 13

The task also saw Jason and Alex take part in an arm wrestle, Charlie and Evelyn crack eggs on their heads whilst Jackson and Laura’s job was to eat a century egg. This was all part of the battle between the Others and the main household.

After the task, Sam and Laura took to the garden to confront Andy on his comment when Marco was evicted. The newsreader described Marco’s eviction as a ‘reality check’. Laura was under the impression that this was an attack on Marco, but Andy insisted that he had not meant this personally, she was not entirely convinced.

Day 9 Andy.
Day 9

A hug was shared between Andy and Georgina after she also confronted him in the task. Georgina had said that Andy ‘rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way’. Other housemates have described Andy as a game player in the house. Despite this, many members of the preying public still believe he can win the competition.

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