Things are heating up in the BB house

 Things are heating up in the BB house

In today’s task, the housemates compete for best kisser in Big Brother’s Kiss Cam. The rest of the housemates will watch each kiss from the living room and will decide who the best kisser in the house is. They will then write the name of the best and most passionate kisser on a whiteboard to vote, housemates cannot vote for themselves. The two best kissers will win an evening of exclusive luxury.

Olivia says, “this is embarrassing man, my dad watches this.”

One by one the housemates go into the diary room for Big Brother’s Kiss Cam to give their best smooch.

Reacting to Henry’s kiss, Matty says, “he’s got great lips… I wanna kiss him after that”.

Jordan says to Henry when he returns, “You look really good on screen.”

Before Paul’s kiss Olivia says, “This ain’t gonna be passion, this is gonna be pure filth.”

Paul finishes his kiss and says, “Yes! I wanted to keep going”.

Who will win the best kissers in the Big Brother house? Tune in tonight to find out…

Also tonight, Kerry, Chanelle and Olivia sit at the dining table and discuss the fact that Paul originally voted for Olivia to win best kiss before changing his vote to Tom during the kiss cam task.

Olivia says, “Noky said not to be a grass but before Paul put Tom on the whiteboard, he wrote my name.”

In reference to Paul having a girlfriend, Chanelle responds, “I know why he didn’t put any of the girls on.”

Olivia says, “Oh no, I know. Thank fuck he changed it.”

A few moments later in the conversations, Kerry adds, “In my opinion he’s done too much.”

Directed at Olivia, she then quickly adds, “oh sorry.”

Olivia responds to Kerry, “Kerry, it’s never reciprocated by me, is it. I’ve never entertained it.”

Later, after learning about the girls’ conversation through Chanelle, Paul talks to Hallie about the situation saying, “I don’t understand why they are getting involved in my shit. My girlfriend is my girlfriend, they don’t know her.”

Will Paul confront Olivia and Noky to protect his relationship on the outside? Don’t miss tonight’s third live eviction of the series.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. 

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