One housemate to meet gruesome end in halloween twist

 One housemate to meet gruesome end in halloween twist

Ok so not literally, however Halloween will mark the end of the road for one housemate who will be evicted in a shock halloween twist.

The housemates are currently unaware that their world is about to be rocked by a brutal Halloween twist that will change the game permanently.

One housemate will be called at random to the Diary Room where they will learn they have been given an evil secret mission. This housemate will then become ‘possessed’ and must choose an accomplice to help them complete their mission.

Under instruction from Big Brother, the possessed housemate and their accomplice must covertly sneak into the bathroom in the early hours of the night where a secret passage will be revealed. 

Upon entering the secret space, the pair must then select three of their fellow housemates to receive ‘Cursed Nominations’, meaning all three selected will immediately face the public vote.

The three chosen Housemates will face eviction in a flash vote in at the end of tonight’s episode, with one housemate ultimately going home in a shock exit that viewers can watch on tomorrow night’s episode.

But which housemates must carry the burden of this secret power? And who will they select for their cursed nominations? All will be revealed in this evening’s episode.

Also on tonight’s show : for this week’s Halloween shopping task, the housemates were haunted by the sight of their ex-housemates who appeared to the house as ghosts to each deliver a message to the house from beyond the grave.

Housemates beware. Someone is manipulating the younger housemates who are following them like sheep,”Farida declared, leaving housemates to speculate over which housemate she was referring to. “We all know who she’s talking about, let’s not be silly,” Dylan quipped, suggesting the message was about Kerry.

Zak is next to appear to the housemates. “Housemates beware. Someone is acting all quiet but is actually whispering in people’s ears. It’s the quiet ones you need to be afraid of,” he warns his ex-housemates.

Last week’s evictee Hallie is the last to speak to the house. “Housemates beware. Somebody’s very two faced. They talk about you behind your back but they’re nice to your face.”

The housemates are left scratching their heads in speculation over who the ex-housemates’ messages are about. To see the full reaction viewers will need to tune in this evening…

Big Brother continues at 9pm tonight on ITV2 and ITVX

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