ITV places the UK under Big Brother surveillance

 ITV places the UK under Big Brother surveillance

ITV has put the whole of the UK under Big Brother’s surveillance ahead of the show’s return, Sunday October 8th.

The advertising campaign focuses on the Big Brother premise that big brother is an ‘all-seeing’ entity and was created in house by ITV Creative.

ITV have deployed billboards across the country, focusing on a human eye with the shows tagline that “Big Brother sees it all”.

In a first for the show, the campaign also includes ads making contextual observations in various places to suggest that Big Brother is always watching.

For instance, ITV have teamed up with Pure Gyms with posters and stickers placed in changing rooms, on mirrors and toilet doors in it’s 25 gyms across the UK.

“Big Brother sees you squatting in here instead of out there” reads a poster on a toilet cubicle door.

There are also Big Brother themed beer mats being circulated in around 120 pubs which again gives the impression that people are being watched.

Whilst on Deliveroo, “Big Brother sees you double checking your rider’s location every 5 minutes” reads one ad.

The impressive campaign was dreamed up by Hannah Roe and Jonathan Truin and will also run across radio and social media including Twitch, Spotify and TikTok.

Jane Stiller, chief marketing officer ITV, said: “Following the successful Big Brother promo launch campaign, Big Brother’s all-seeing eye has now landed in the real world and is set to get more disruptive the closer we get to launch day on Sunday 8 October.

“The ambition of the campaign is for Big Brother’s all-seeing eye to infiltrate everyday life in a bold, noisy, humorous and shareable way through multiple touchpoints, generating as much talkability as possible ahead of the biggest and most anticipated launch of the year.” 

Big Brother returns to screens October 8th at 9pm on ITV1, ITV2 & ITVX.

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