Housemates turn into ants for this weeks shopping task

 Housemates turn into ants for this weeks shopping task

For this weeks shipping task, the house has been turned into an ant kingdom! Housemates, or ‘Ten-Ants’ as referred to by ‘Bug’ Brother dress up as ants and have been split into two colonies. The colonies will compete in three challenges and the colony that wins the most challenges will be in control of the shopping budget.

Each team must elect a ‘Queen Ant’ – both Noky and Chanelle assume this role and take a seat on their throne.

The blue team is made up of Paul, Jenkin, Jordan, Trish, Noky, Olivia and Kerry, and the orange team is made up of Henry, Matty, Tom, Dylan, Hallie, Chanelle and Yinrun.

Noky says, “Queens work together Chanelle.” Chanelle responds, “I don’t, not today.” Noky says, “If that’s how it’s gonna be…”.

Some of the housemates discuss how seriously they should follow the rules. 

Noky says, “None of us know what Big Brother can pick as an actual legitimate rule, so it’s best to just do everything as per the instructions and then we’ll see what counts and what doesn’t. That includes guarding the eggs.”

Paul responds, “I agree, I’m just saying that people are being so serious over it. We’re all dressed as ants, can it really be serious? F***ing pathetic.”

Olivia, in agreement with Noky, adds, “Yeah but Paul, no offence dude, but you were in a foul mood this morning… stop moaning like a baby.”

The disagreement with Olivia and Noky sees Paul leave the conversation.

Later, referencing his disagreement with Noky and Olivia, Paul says to Tom and Jenkin, “I’ll be honest, I’m usually quite a good judge of character and I usually know what people are like when I first meet them, I do. And this is the thing, you know when Olivia came in and then she sat there with Noky on the floor taking the piss out of me and I thought, I just looked at her and thought, are you f***ing for real, like seriously? Like is this really, like that to me questions… if they’re genuine or not… it makes me question them as a person…”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 & ITVX.

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