Housemates take part in ‘The Hunger Games’ task

 Housemates take part in ‘The Hunger Games’ task

On tonight’s extended episode of Big Brother, the housemates wake up to a new day in the Big Brother house, where they will take part in a “Hunger Games” themed sponsored task.

Talking to the house, Big Brother says: “Welcome to the Big Brother Hunger Games.”

Big Brother has transformed the house into The Hunger Games. Housemates will become ‘tributes’ and compete against each other in a series of challenges. Today’s task will see one housemate nominated for eviction while another will win immunity from the next eviction. 

Getting into their costumes, Noky says: “We’re going to look like we’re in a space film!” 

The housemates are divided into District A made up of Chanelle, Henry, Matty, Noky and Tom and District B made up of Jenkin, Jordan, Olivia, Trish and Yinrun. 

The housemates soon take part in a series of challenges which test dexterity, balance, risk-taking, strength and endurance. But how will they fare during today’s task? And which housemate will win immunity from the next eviction and which will be facing the public vote this week? 

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 & ITVX.

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