House reacts to Hallie and Olivia rule break

 House reacts to Hallie and Olivia rule break

Tonight’s Big Brother will see housemates react to the news that Hallie and Olivia have broken the rules.

Big Brother gathers housemates in the lounge. Big Brother says: “This is Big Brother. Before you entered the house, the Big Brother rules were explained to you. The rules state that you may not attempt to communicate in code or write in messages.”

Big Brother adds: “Yesterday this rule was broken by Hallie and Olivia.”

Big Brother then reveals: “Olivia, you said to Hallie, ‘write me secret messages on my back’.”

Big Brother says: “Hallie you wrote on Olivia’s back. Olivia you relayed this out loud and said ‘is a gameplayer’. Later on Hallie, you wrote another message on Olivia’s back, as you did so, Olivia you said the letters out loud ‘N’ and ‘O’.”

The housemates are left shocked by the news of Hallie and Olivia’s secret communication and believe the pair were referring to Noky. 

Big Brother says: “Hallie, stand up. Is there anything you would like to say?”

But as Hallie addresses the housemates, Noky interrupts and says: “To Noky?”

Confused by Noky’s question, Hallie says: “To Noky?”

Hallie then says: “Do you want me to say what was written? I said Zak was a gameplayer and I said I think Matty nominated me. It was nothing about Noky.”

How will the revelations of Hallie and Olivia’s rule break affect house dynamics? And what consequences will the pair endure for communicating secretly with one another? 

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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