Lewis G.

Lewis G, Lewis F and Isaac nominated for the second eviction

The Big Brother 2018 housemates have nominated for the very first time, and the viewers were given the chance to nominate one additional housemate.

On tonight’s episode (24th September), Big Brother gathered gathered the housemates in the living area and announced that they would remain there until nominations were over. Housemates were called to the Diary Room in alphabetical order.

Here’s how the housemates nominated:

  • Akeem voted for Lewis G over the cross-contamination row and Lewis F for influencing Zoe in the Blood Money task.
  • Brooke voted for Lewis G for the cross-contamination row and Lewis F for “isolating himself from everyone”.
  • Cameron voted for Kay because he’s “sick of the whole vegan stuff” and Kenaley for swaying Zoe in the Blood Money task.
  • Cian voted for Lewis G “for being a bit of a tit sometimes” and Isaac for being “subconsciously dismissive”.
  • Isaac voted for Lewis F for “segregating himself from the group” and Kenaley because she’s “a bit over the top”.
  • Kay voted for Isaac for bringing “a negative sort of energy” to the house and Cameron because “everything’s difficult” for him in the house.
  • Kenaley voted for Lewis G because he’s “self-centred and rude” and Lewis F for being “negative when the situation’s positive”.
  • Lewis F voted for Isaac for being “disrespectful [and] intimidating” and Lewis G because “he thinks there should only be one person in this house with the name Lewis”.
  • Lewis G voted for Lewis F “because there’s only room for one Lewis in this house” and Kenaley because she doesn’t “bring much to the table”.
  • Sian voted for Lewis G because he “uses people’s weaknesses against them” and Tomasz for making her “question herself”.
  • Tomasz voted for Lewis G for being an “obnoxious side of ham” and Lewis F for removing himself from the group.
  • Zoe voted for Lewis G for making himself the “centre of attention” and Sian for ‘trying to act less intelligent than she is’.

Lewis G received 9 nominations, and Lewis F received 6 nominations – as a result they will both face eviction.

During Friday nights eviction show, Emma Willis announced that viewers were also be able to nominate a housemate with a new ‘Viewer Nomination’ via the Big Brother website and app.

The housemate with the fewest votes was Isaac, and will therefore face eviction alongside Lewis G and Lewis F.

Housemates will tomorrow take part in the ‘Gamechanger’ challenge – the winning housemate will either be able to save a housemate from eviction… if they wish to do so.

Big Brother airs Sunday – Friday on Channel 5.

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