Akeem, Lewis and Kenaley nominated for next eviction

 Akeem, Lewis and Kenaley nominated for next eviction


Three housemates are currently facing the next Big Brother eviction, although this could change during the next Game Changer competition.

As usual, yesterday housemates nominated in the Diary Room – new housemates Hussain Ahmed and Isabella Farnese could not be nominated or take part in this weeks nominations. Tomasz is also immune from the next eviction after winning immunity in the last Big Coin auction.

This is how the house voted:

  • Akeem voted for Lewis F for not considering other people’s feelings in tasks and Cameron for telling him to “shut the f**k up” during the task.
  • Brooke voted for Lewis F for making her feel “really comfortable” by attacking Cian and Akeem for being too competitive.
  • Cameron voted for Akeem for “playing up to the cameras quite a lot” and Kenaley for being “loud” and argumentative.
  • Cian voted for Lewis F because of their “troubled week” and Akeem for being a “people pleaser”.
  • Kenaley voted for Lewis F for making her feel “on edge” and Akeem for admitting a lie after nominations last week.
  • Lewis F voted for Kenaley for being “disrespectful and inconsiderate” and Sianbecause they “barely speak”.
  • Sian voted for Lewis F for annoying her and Akeem for not “entertaining” her.
  • Tomasz voted for Akeem for being “very competitive” and Lewis F because he’s “very tedious”.
  • Zoe voted for Sian for being “two-faced” about Lewis F and Kenaley for also being “two-faced”.

Akeem and Lewis received the most nominations from their fellow housemates, while Kenaley received the fewest votes in the secret viewer poll meaning that she would face eviction also.

However, the nominations are not yet final, as Wednesday the housemates will compete in another Game Changer competition which will give one housemate the chance to save themselves from eviction.

Big Brother airs Sunday – Friday on Channel 5.

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