Hurricane Sue strikes again

 Hurricane Sue strikes again

On tonight’s show, Ellie and Sam are given a telling off from Sue for kissing in bed, the house strut their stuff on the cat walk, and could love be in the air as Kieran and Andrew reveal their respective feeling for Deborah and Raph?

Joe hears a rumour that Sue has been talking about him to other housemates, and has told the housemates that he looks like he is 70 years old, when in fact in his 50’s. Joe talks to Chanelle in the garden to find out what she has said.

Sam talks to Chanelle and Ellie in the kitchen about him showing Ellie his manhood, and he worries about whether his family will have seen it.

Tom is confined to jail, in the garden, for his bad behaviour last night.

Andrew paints Raph’s nails in the living room.

Joe confronts Sue in the garden about what she has said about him and his age.

Sue tells Hannah in Thorn Cottage, that she thinks Hannah and Deborah have conformed in the house and are acting jovial to avoid being perceived as aggressive. Hannah disagrees and argues that she is staying out of other people’s arguments and she is enjoying her experience.

Kieran is called to the diary room for a task. He is asked a series of questions about the housemates and has to answer them honestly. Raph is then called to the diary room and to pass the task, Raph must correctly guess what answers Kieran gave to several questions about the housemates. Kieran admits that he is most attracted to Deborah, and he trusts Simone the least and finds her the most irritating housemate to live with.

Simone confides in Hannah in the living area, saying that she is finding it hard to live in the house and Hannah tells her she cares too much what people think.

Joe teases Deborah about wanting to touch Kieran in the kitchen.

For passing the day’s task, the house is treated to music in the house. Kieran gets close while dancing with Deborah.

The house has a fashion walk off in the garden, strutting their stuff as if they were on a catwalk, while the rest of the housemates cheer along.

Deborah talks to Big Brother in the diary room about Kieran. She tells Big Brother that Kieran isn’t her usual type but he is a ‘lovely guy’. She talks about teaching him to dance as he doesn’t have rhythm.

Isabelle is in the kitchen with Andrew and Raph and she decides to make the kitchen a mess by putting salt on the counters and smearing marmalade all over the surfaces, whilst Andrewhelps her to cause trouble.

Isabelle falls over Sue’s shoe in Thorn Cottage and puts the shoes on and prances around the bedroom.

Hannah wants to tidy up the mess in the kitchen made by Andrew and Isabelle but Sue, Kieran and Deborah insist that she must not clean up the mess they have made.

Andrew tries to kiss Raph’s arm, Raph pulls away.

Ellie and Sam are in bed in Thorn Cottage and Sue tells them to go somewhere else to kiss because they are so loud. Sam accuses her of ‘cockblocking’ him and Ellie is unhappy with Sue’sreaction.

Ellie sits in the living area and complains about Sue. She says to Sue “Sorry for having a good time”.

Andrew admits to Hannah in the kitchen that he has a crush on Raph, and Hannah tells Raph what she has learnt. Raph tells Hannah that he would just like to have a friendship withAndrew.

And there’s the small matter of an eviction; who’ll get the boot? Tune in to Channel 5/3e at the ridiculously later time of 10pm to find out!

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