Tonight: The housemates nominations are revealed

 Tonight: The housemates nominations are revealed

Tonight, This week’s BB Corp shopping task gets underway and some housemates’ nominations are revealed to the house.

Off the back of yesterday’s arguments, Emma and Georgina are making up.

For this week’s shopping task, the Big Brother house has been turned into BB Corp, a fictional company. Chelsea has been appointed the CEO and the rest of the housemates will be company employees.

Big Brother 2016

In the diary room, Chelsea tells Big Brother what sort of boss he will be; “You have to be tough and firm but fair. Think big, dream big, success is only through hard work.”

Big Brother 2016

In order to pass and win the luxury shopping budget, the employees led by the CEO, must improve the company’s client satisfaction rating. Employees must act respectfully, not swear, look presentable, show good work ethic and uphold a positive working attitude. Hard workers may be promoted by the CEO.

Chelsea will remain in Big Brother’s head office where he will be able to watch his employees. Jayne and Emma are assigned as the office cleaners.

Ryan is at the reception desk where it must be manned at all times. CEO Chelsea rings through to the receptionist to ask Jason to bring him strawberries.

Big Brother 2016

Employees try to remain positive and respectable at all times to ensure that he client satisfaction rating stays at a good level.

Some of the employees are napping in the pod, Chelsea rings through to the house and asks Alex to wake up those employees.

Chelsea announces that Emma is appointed as his Personal Assistant and Sam as his second in command. Hughie is now an office cleaner.

Emma and Sam are given new outfits to wear, and join Chelsea in the head office. Ryan reluctantly congratulates Sam on his new position.

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As part of the task, Andy, Jayne, Evelyn and Georgina are asked to each take to the customer service desk to receive calls, they must remain positive and professional at all times. Each of these employees is played recordings of nominations they received. Chelsea, Sam and Emma watch on from the head office. The four employees try to remain professional.

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In the garden, Evelyn tells Andy that she was shocked by his nomination

In the bedroom, Georgina is talking to Jackson and Alex about the reasons housemates nominated her; “It annoys me that they used you (Jackson) as a reason, it’s like they’re jealous!

Big Brother 2016

Laura asks Ryan to tell Georgina to stop talking about her nominations as she may be talking negatively

After hearing his nominations, Andy is upset in the bedroom. Jason comforts him. Andy says; “Thank you for not nominating me. I am not a bad person, I am not sly and I am not manipulative. There are times I can be patronising. Your friendship is really important to me in here.” The housemates in the head office believe that Jason is a good person

To boost office moral, BB Corp throws an office party. The office party is in full swing in the living area, some of the housemates are dancing

In the bedroom, Jackson is questioning Emma; “People are being nominated and bringing me name into it, have I got anything to do with it? I feel that is a gutless move; people nominated Georgina and brought my name into it. Why bring my name into it? It makes no sense!” Emma replies, “Sorry, but for the whole time I’ve been in here I haven’t found Georgina to be a person that I get on with in here, that’s why I nominated her. I brought your name into it at the end as I didn’t like the way she behaves with you sometimes.”

Big Brother 2016

Jackson remarks; “My Mrs had to turn around to me, and goes I need to distance myself from you, as I don’t want to be put up for eviction. When you’re mentioning my name in a nomination so my girl could be getting evicted, she is going to think she will have to distance herself from me, which will affect our relationship. So now she is mad at me! I haven’t done anything.” Emma apologises; “I did not nominate Georgina cos of you. I nominated because of her.” She concludes that she does not want to break them up, however Jackson still believes it’s not fair

Jason suggests to Chelsea that he needs to give more direction in the task so they don’t fail

Georgina is in the diary room; “It annoyed me that everyone mentioned Jackson in my nominations, it is really hurting him. I said I would distance myself from him, but I don’t want to distance myself from him. Use valid reasons for nominating me!”

In the kitchen, Jackson apologises to Emma for being annoyed with her. The pair hug

As the most senior staff of BB Corp, Chelsea, Sam, Emma and newly promoted Ryan will be sleeping in a luxury room

Ryan says his goodbyes to Hughie, they say they will miss each other

The BB Corp executives are enjoying their luxury room

In the bedroom, Evelyn suggests to Jackson that they should play some kind of a game. Georgina whispers to Jackson; “Don’t you dare.” He remains in bed with Georgina, however she turns to face away from him

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