Meet this years Big Brother housemates

 Meet this years Big Brother housemates

Channel 5 have today unveiled the latest crop of wannabes to enter the Big Brother house.

For the first time since BB2, Big Brother is revealing the housemates 2 days before the launch show, as part of this years Timebomb theme.

Big Brother has scoured the UK and Ireland once again for a fantastic troop of eccentric, entertaining and unique Housemates.  From the moment the new Housemates walk through those doors they’ll enter the world of Big Brother: Timebomb.

Meet the new housemates below..

Aaron Frew

Age: 24

Job: Model and Personal Shopper

From: Northampton

Relationship Status: Single

Aaron has shot campaigns for Calvin Klein alongside Lara Stone, Pixie Geldof and Alice Dellal

Aaron is a qualified beauty therapist who loves The Little Mermaid

Adjoa Mensah

Age: 22

Job: Student / Model

From: Manchester

Relationship Status: Single

She’s a committed Christian

Her first language is Dutch

Amy and Sally Broadbent

Age: 27

Job: Amy is a Nightclub Hostess and Sally is a Personal Trainer

Location: Manchester

Relationship Status: Both in a relationship

Amy claims to have dated a famous footballer and a reality star

Sally spends £500 a month on beauty treatments

Chloe Wilburn

Age: 25

Job: Office Administrator

Location: Doncaster

Relationship Status: In a relationship

She sees Big Brother as, “a gap year for chavs”

Chloe is obsessed with Benidorm where she claims, she’s treated “like a local celebrity”

Cristian MJC AKA Matthew Clarkson

Age: 20

Job: Musician

Location: London

Relationship Status: Single

Cristian is currently studying Biomedical Science at UCL

He says he has previously dated a British soap actress

Danny Wisker

Age: 29

Job: Demolition Man

Location: Margate

Relationship Status: Single

Danny is best mates with Ricci from Geordie Shore. He’s also claimed to have dated a handful of ex CBB housemates

Danny says his greatest achievement was getting to play in the FA Cup

Eileen Daly

Age: 51

Job: Filmmaker and Singer

Location: London

Relationship status: In a relationship

She featured on The X Factor in a band with her partner, Bo

When Eileen looks in the mirror she says she sees Nicole Kidman

Harriet Jackson

Age: 22

Job: Cafe Girl

Location: London

Relationship status: In a relationship

She thinks Alan Carr would play her in a movie of her life because they are “both common”

Harriet says she supported UKIP in this year’s election

Jack McDermott

Age: 23

Job: Floor Manager at Fast Food Restaurant

Location: Plymouth

Relationship Status: Single

Jack is known by everyone in Plymouth as “Pie Face”

He is a passionate, lifelong Plymouth Argyle fan

Jade-Martina Lynch

Age: 24

Job: Model and Student

Location: Dublin

Relationship Status: Single

Jade doesn’t believe in monogamy. She follows a polyamorous lifestyle

Jade has pet rats and would like to add a pet bat to her collection

Joel Williams

Age: 19

Job: Student and Local Councillor

Location: Cardiff

Relationship Status: Single

Joel publishes his own magazine which is delivered to 3000 people

Joel is proud that he is the youngest Councillor in Wales

Kieran McLeod

Age: 30

Job: Self Employed

Location: Birmingham

Relationship Status: Single

Kieran sold his successful restaurant business to pursue a career in entertainment

Has his own Radio Show – KMS: The Kieran McLeod Show

Nick Henderson

Age: 19

Job: Unemployed

Location: Hertford

Relationship Status: Single

Nick was expelled from two schools and has no qualifications

He has never been in a “proper relationship”

Sarah Greenwood

Age: 24

Job: Law Student

Location: Manchester

Relationship Status: Single

Sarah says she’s not a team player

She’s a self-proclaimed “stuck up bitch” and thrives off the title

Simon Gross

Age: 46

Job: Theatre Company Owner

Location: Kent

Relationship Status: Single

He has been in showbiz for 30 years

He wants to change the world and be the first male Margaret Thatcher

Big Brother: Timebomb begins Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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