Marc given a warning by Big Brother

 Marc given a warning by Big Brother

Marc has been reprimanded by Big Brother for his behaviour, as he continues to wind up his fellow housemates.

Marc began the day by telling Sam Kay that she has “a fanny like a bag”, to which an unhappy Sam responded: “Talking about a baggy fanny is so appropriate, isn’t it?”

She then told Marc off for his words, saying: “I think the way you speak is horrendous… I don’t even mind the banter when it’s between me and you but when you’re trying to show off in front of everyone it makes me cringe… you’re just disgusting.”

After Big Brother gathered the housemates for face to face nominations, Marc was nominated for eviction by Joel Williams, Harry Jackson, Chloe Wilburn, Danny Wisker, Cristian MJC and Nick Henderson.

Marc didn’t react well to Nick nominating him, saying: “Me mate, me idol nominated me. What a wanker.” He then added: “I’m not going on Friday. They can take me out of here because even if they want me out, I’m not leaving. Remove me Big Brother.”

Marc’s housemates continued to complain about his behaviour throughout the day, with Joel telling Big Brother: “Marc’s behaviour is awful as always. He’s just constant.”

Later in the evening Marc is called to the Diary Room and is reminded about the rules regarding unacceptable behaviour and language.

Big Brother says, “today in a conversation with Sam you said ‘basically all blokes think we have this massive knob and we’re going to make you cry from it. But painfully cry, a pleasurable pain. In my sick little mind I was picturing making you cry from that.” Marc is shocked to hear his words and says, “Sounds horrible. I didn’t mean it like that.” Big Brother asks, “do you understand why your housemates and the viewing public could find language like this offensive…Big Brother expects you to not use language like this again.”. Marc responds, “it was a joke that I just didn’t think about. I was trying to make her happy because she was genuinely upset. I was trying to make a joke of it, word it differently and it didn’t f*ckin happen for me. It was literally just to say, ‘don’t worry babe, you look pretty. That’s what I was trying to say.”

Big Brother reminds Marc to respect the boundaries of his fellow housemates, especially that of his female housemates. He apologises and says he understands.

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