Day 25: Eileen has been evicted

 Day 25: Eileen has been evicted

Earlier this week, Simon and Sam were tasked with deciding which Housemates should face eviction this week.  Since Monday, the public has been voting to decide whether Eileen or Joel should be the seventh housemate to be publicly evicted from the Big Brother House.  During tonight’s 9pm Channel 5 programme, EMMA WILLIS announced live to the House that the next person to leave would be EILEEN.

Following the announcement, Eileen had 30 seconds to say her goodbyes and left the house to be greeted by Emma and a cheering crowd.

Emma asked Eileen how she felt to be out: Eileen: “I feel elevated, I really did miss my Bo…It was quite hard a first, a wonderful time”.  Emma asked Eileen what it was like to face the eviction every week.  Eileen: “Quite difficult…all you believe is in the House and outside is something different…It didn’t get to me really…I knew in my heart…why I was nominated each time”.

On the age debate: Eileen: “I didn’t even think about it…when I entered the House and people asked my age I just told them the truth and I wished I hadn’t”.

Emma asked Eileen her opinions on Simon: “Simon got taken away from us on the first night and Nick and I were begging for him to come back and 24 hours later he nominated me…Bridging the age gap would have been great…I thought he would bring us all together and bridge what was a big gap…I felt betrayed…I think he’s just shot himself in the foot and I want him to struggle so badly in there, and he will struggle”.

Emma also asked Eileen her opinions on the new Housemates; on Marc: “I like Marc, I like his honestly; he was honest, true and straightforward”.  On Harry: “At first I didn’t particularly like Harry…as I’ve got to know her she is a kind and generous spirit”.  On Sam: “I think she’s lazy and greedy”.

Emma asked Eileen who she’d like to win and Eileen picked Jack.

Big Brother returns tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 5.  Emma will be back next Friday at 9pm for live fake eviction.

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