Kimberly Kisselovich facing deportation

 Kimberly Kisselovich facing deportation

Steven Goode and Kimberly Kisselovich have only been married a matter of weeks, but now they may be facing separation, after Kimberly was told by authorities that she must return to the US.

The former Playboy model, who got together with Steven during last year’s Big Brother, has been in the United Kingdom on a visa linked to her ex-boyfriend Sasha Freemind, and asked to leave.

And despite Steven making a fresh application for his 23-year-old new wife to remain – and spending thousands of pounds in legal fees – it looks as though Kimberly may still have to pack her bags.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur told the Daily Star: “We made an application for Kimberly to have permanent residency in the UK.

“Her previous visa was linked to her ex-partner, due to the fact their relationship had ceased, her visa became invalid. Hence our new application.


“Now it has been rejected for what we perceive as no apparent reason.”

Steve added that it would be a “complete disaster” if the pair were forced to live apart, as Steve’s business interests prevent him from moving to the US.

He explained: “It basically splits us for up for what could be many months of court battling.”

Clearly emotional about the situation, he added: “Let me ask this, do you think it’s fair a white America woman, who has a full-time job, is married to a UK citizen and investing money in a property in this country, is denied the right to live and work here?

“Would you choose Kim or an asylum seeker who is coming to ponce a council flat and handouts?”

The couple are appealing the decision.



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