Andy, Georgina, Jayne & Evelyn face eviction

 Andy, Georgina, Jayne & Evelyn face eviction

Tonight’s show saw Big Brother reveal the results of the latest round of nominations.

Housemates nominated in the diary room for the 3rd week running!

In the diary room, Jason nominated Lateysha stating that it was “absolutely nothing to do with her saying that I’m a game player”

Latesyha went on to nominate Andy stating “I feel like he’s sly, manipulative…and I feel like he tried to turn everyone against me.”

Emma nominated Georgian saying “since they [Georgina & Jackson] have got together I feel like Jackson doesn’t speak to me at all. I would rather she wasn’t in the house.”

Nominating Jayne, Georgina said “she swerved nominations last time…she was a demon…I’m waiting of the next eruption.”

Georgina didn’t react well to the news of her nomination, and retreated to the bedroom in tears.

Who goes? You decide! – Let us know who you want to see walk out those doors on Friday – tweet us @bigblaggeruk using #bbuk

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