The Big Brother 2017 House

The Big Brother house has become as recognizable a character as any of the many housemates that have walked through its illustrious doors over the past 17 years. Each year its décor and styling has set the tone to how that series will play out.

The stairs into the house from outside are stone, and have some fake squirrels welcoming the housemates into their new home.

The living area has been decked out with stone-look sofas, floral cushions, faux shop windows and even some ornamental pugs, all festooned with British flags and flower garlands.

Big Brother returns to having two bedrooms this year, one with beds made from wooden crates, vandalised brick walls and a garish stained carpet.

While other housemates will enjoy a more luxurious stay in more glamorous surroundings.

Housemates could be playing as barista’s with the kitchen laid out to resemble an old school cafe.

Continuing with the kitsch theme of the house, the bathroom has been turned into a beauty parlour complete with yet even more plant pots.

Outside in the garden, the housemates have been given a hot tub and gorgeous seating area, including pink benches.