The House

We’ve already found out that the new series will have a “twisted fairytale” theme, and sure enough, the house seems to reflect that idea with lots of quirky details.

The kitchen comes complete with a fancy chandelier – and a bottle of champagne to welcome the housemates before the trouble really begins.


The fairytale theme continues in the dining area, with a Snow White-esque magic mirror wall complete with the phrase: “Who in this land is the fairest of all?” Channel 5 also pointed out a giant key on the dining table, though what it unlocks has not yet been revealed.



The comfortable sofas in the living area are contrasted with creepy tree designs painted on the wall; Channel 5 did reveal that something “sinister may be lurking” underneath the fun fairytale theme.

The bedroom is also very dark, and the pretty princess-style beds don’t do much to hide the creepy tree design and massive all-seeing owl.


The bedroom also features a wall of bags hanging from that ominous tree and perhaps the celebrities won’t want to spend too much time preening in front of these creepy mirrors. Oh, who are we kidding?


The tree designs continue in the bathroom, which has a black and gold theme – including a black Jacuzzi bath which is raised on some glittery steps.


Things seem a little less terrifying in the garden – which has a comfortable seating area and a hot tub for the celebrities to enjoy – but the walls are still covered with spooky designs.


Finally, the treehouse is back and is really a treehouse this time thanks to more of those wall designs. Channel 5 promises that the treehouse is very plush inside – but the celebrities “won’t be able to get too comfortable”.


And the most important room of all – The Diary Room.


The Diary Room doesn’t look particularly warm and inviting, in a dark blue with a creepy forest look.

But the chair itself is at least probably fairly comfortable, as it is covered in fur – with the back of the chair shaped like a howling wolf.