From Derby

What made you apply to be a Big Brother housemate?

I love challenges. I’ve had so many amazing times in my life, like going to Miss Universe as Miss Great Britain. I like to do something different and I think this is the next challenge I want to conquer. I want to show people what pageant girls are really like and disprove a lot of stereotypes around them. I also show what it’s like being a woman who’s worked in male- dominated fields. I want to show that women are capable of doing anything they want.

What part of the experience are you most looking forward to?

I’m definitely looking forward to the tasks, I am so competitive. Anything that I can get my competitive spirit out with, that’s my cup of tea. Obviously getting to know different housemates, I can literally chat to anyone from anywhere, even if they don’t talk back! I’m really excited to meet everyone and see who I get on with. I know that there’ll definitely be people that I don’t get on with but that’s part of the fun of it as well!

How would your friends and family describe you?

They would definitely say that I am very opinionated, I’ve got something to say about literally everything. They’ll say that I can be very spontaneous. I think they can expect the unexpected with me at any point. Maybe slightly delusional as well? When I want something, I’ll set my mind on it, even if it sounds really stupid, I know I can achieve it. So yeah, delusional too.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

I started baking properly during lockdown and I started a cake-making business so I can make super crazy cakes.

What are you most likely to get nominated for?

Probably sharing my opinion when I’m not asked for it.

What would you do with the prize money if you won?

The very first thing I’ll do is go on holiday to visit my grandparents in Zimbabwe.

Who would be your dream celebrity to live with?

Maya Jama. She’s so funny, so gorgeous. I want to borrow her clothes. I want her make-up tips and I want a good laugh with her – I adore her!