Nikita Kuzmin

Resides: London (Originally Ukraine)
Professional Dancer

Why Celebrity Big Brother and why now?

I think the audience only knows one side of me and it could be interesting for me to come out of my comfort zone and really enjoy doing something completely different from anything I’ve ever done before and now just seems the perfect time. I’m young and having a lot of fun doing the thing I love the most so yes, this just seems like a fun thing to do.

What do you hope to get from the experience?

Just an experience. I just want to do something I’ve never done. To be with people I possibly don’t know or wouldn’t normally get to know. To see how it is to do a reality show, to see how it is to spend so much time with new people I wouldn’t normally be with in that environment. I just want a different experience, a positive experience and to challenge myself.

What most scares you about the experience?

The feeling of being filmed 24/7 and not knowing what is going to happen next. You will just never know how people are going to be behaving, what their energy is going to be like, how they will react to situations. Who are the people and what drama might they bring? But this is also the interesting factor, at the same time, that is what is exciting and the reason for doing it.

Describe what you’re like to live with in 3 words.

Sunny, probably cheeky (I like that word – I use it a lot on Strictly) and clean. I’m clean. I’m OCD clean. Everything needs to be in the right place. My pillows plumped in a certain way!

What will you find difficult to live with?

I don’t like when people don’t have the right energy. If they are frustrated and they put that on other people. I understand if someone is struggling but that is no excuse to put it on other people, you don’t need to be mean, be a team player. I don’t like people who are egotistical.

Dream CBB housemates?

Maybe David Beckham? I’m a Man United fan so I’d love David Beckham. Or Ronaldo? Do you know who else would be cool? Gordon Ramsay. I would love to have him. He could finally cook my chicken kiev that he’s been promising to cook for me and he hasn’t yet!

Worst CBB housemates?

I just think people who are too self-obsessed. I think we need to be respectful towards everyone and listen to everyone. Don’t make it all about yourself and just try to be nice!

What items are you packing that you can’t live without?

Coloured socks. Jellycat dinosaur. And, it would usually be something electronic, but I can’t take that in the House! Obviously, my insulin because of my type 1 diabetes I need that to survive! Oh, and coffee, espresso, short coffee. Like properly done good coffee, I must have that!

What’s one piece of advice you’ll take with you into the CBB house?

Don’t be grumpy when you don’t get your cinnamon bun and coffee in the morning. Ask anyone on Strictly, I like my cinnamon bun and coffee before training!

Who do you want to see at the end of the runway?

My girlfriend, my family and my two cats! And of course, I hope my Strictly family will be watching! I will be happy if they can take their time to come and see me. They’re all busy but if they can come, I would love that.

How will you cope without a phone?

I’ve only ever gone once without a phone when I went on a meditation retreat and it was OK. I do go on it every two seconds, it’s like a tick. I think the first few days will be really difficult but then after a while it will be OK.