Gary Goldsmith

Resides: London

Why Celebrity Big Brother and why now?

We all like to be liked, this is a great opportunity to show anyone who cares the “real me”, the fun, caring and devilish “me”, not the villain I’m often portrayed in the press. Also as I fast approach 60 I want to say “YES” to most things put in front of me!

What most scares you about the experience?

I don’t scare easily and I love a challenge but this is so far out of my comfort zone I am nervous about the unknown and if I’m honest I’m nervous about myself. I don’t take instruction or being controlled very well.

Describe what you’re like to live with in 3 words.

It’s not easy… toddler on sugar!

Are there any traits or habits you have that you think fellow Housemates might find difficult to live with?

I need entertaining a lot! Night wees!

What will you find difficult to live with?

Rude, insensitive or mean people.

Dream CBB Housemates?

Funny, energetic and interesting people with stories to share

Worst CBB Housemates?

I take everyone on face value. Katie Hopkins would be a challenge!

What items are you packing that you can’t live without?

I’m packing my sense of humour, an extra bag of patience and ear plugs!

What’s one piece of advice you’ll take with you into the CBB house?

Be myself, just not too much! Be the best version of me.

Who do you want to see at the end of the runway?

A BA flight to Ibiza! On the way in I’m easy, on the way out my wife and daughter.

How will you cope without a phone?

Not sure – totally in the dark about being in the dark.