Kim Woodburn leaves Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in THIRD place

How Clean is your house star Kim Woodburn has finished Celebrity Big Brother 2017 in third place.

On being out of the house, “I’m delighted, I thought I’d be out in about two days.”
Emma asked Kim if she would have liked to have won: “I haven’t got a competitive bone in by body, I’m third, I never thought I’d get that good.”
On how she found being in the house during the final week: “I don’t like gang-handed; before you know you’re surrounded by the mob, I found it cowardly and disgusting.”
Emma asked if Kim thinks things would have been different if she was in the house from the beginning: “There’s bonding and there’s cowardice, when I’m told my lovely Nicola that we ‘talk it out,’ I was like, I don’t know these people…. It was clear to her I was not going to tow the line, I was going to be crucified by the lot of them.”

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