Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu 

Resides: Essex
Model and Reality TV Personality

Why Celebrity Big Brother and why now?

I have watched Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother since I was a kid. It’s very entertaining, and I feel like the timing for me to go in now couldn’t be more perfect. 2024, empowering strong Ekin-Su, you know, I can’t wait to bring a lot of things into Big Brother. There is a side to me the audience hasn’t seen yet and I can’t wait to bring it. I’d say I’m like a starter, main course and a dessert. I’m going to bring it all.

What side of you do you think we haven’t seen yet?

I think I’m quirky and you probably haven’t seen that yet. You know, my strange tactics. I hope more realness will come out, sides where maybe if something was bothering me, I could express it. I’m not a two-faced person so if someone was talking about me behind my back, I wouldn’t bitch about them, I think people will be surprised how honest I am and how I speak my mind. I will stick up for myself. And if someone steps on my toes, I will stick up for myself in a nice way. I also can’t wait for the challenges and tasks… bring them on!

What do you hope to get from the experience?

I’m hoping to grow. Every reality show changes me and I’m hoping to grow in every single way. I grew in Love Island, I grew in Traitors US and I know with Big Brother that I’m definitely going to develop and come out a better version of myself and a version that I don’t even know exists right now. I can’t wait to see what happens in there with different people I’ve never met before!

How would you like to evolve? What would you like to happen?

I would like to evolve into more of an authentic version. I am authentic anyway but I want to find myself even more and for people to see a side of me that relates to people. I want people to laugh with me, cry with me. I want to bring my confidence back, these experiences bring my confidence out. In Love Island I had that, I was very confident. But over the last 18 months it has drifted away. I’ve had a difficult time, but I can’t wait to get that back. And I think I will get it back.

What most scares you about the experience?

I’m not scared of very much. I’m probably scared of the unknown. What will happen with nominations and evictions. That will scare me, you know I might skip a heartbeat.

Are you worried about nominations? Does rejection from your fellow Housemates scare you?

As long as I’m myself then I know I’ve done all I can. So if they get me out but I’ve been myself then I’ll know I stayed true to myself and I’ll be OK with that. As long as I didn’t portray a fake personality then how can I be upset if they vote me out? I won’t step on any toes there so even if I do leave, I’ll know it was for the right reasons and I’ll be OK with that.

Describe what you’re like to live with in 3 words.

Funny, weird, maybe?! And entertaining.

Are there any traits or habits you have that you think fellow Housemates might find difficult to live with?

I sometimes make weird baby voices. I talk in a baby voice and I sometimes talk to myself. I know it’s a bit weird, but I will be like come on Ekin, you can do this!

What will you find difficult to live with?

Someone who is not a team player. Someone who is rude, someone who is disrespectful, someone who has a lot of ego, someone who doesn’t treat people the same. I think I would probably have an issue with anyone who just isn’t a nice person.

Dream CBB Housemates?

I would love to see someone from Ireland. I work with a brand based in Ireland so I go there all the time and I just love the Irish. I just think they’re really bubbly and fun and you know I just have a passion for people from Ireland and I find them interesting. I can’t name specific people but you know just the qualities, personality traits that I like. Quirky. People that are not ashamed to be who they are. I’m open to be friends with people whatever and whoever they are, and someone fun who just doesn’t take life too seriously.

Worst CBB Housemates?

A narcissist! Joking, but also not. I don’t like messy, I don’t like people who talk behind someone’s back, someone who has a fake personality. I can read people well so I can suss who is playing a game in there.

What items are you packing that you can’t live without?

I’m going to bring my slippers. I have three pairs of slippers for all of my moods. I have teddy bear slippers if I’m in a good mood, and I have duck slippers, if I’m in a funny mood. I have eye masks that explain how I feel so one of them will say “leave me alone” and another one says “dreaming” so Housemates will know how I feel. My slippers are iconic.

What’s one piece of advice you’ll take with you into the CBB house?

Always be yourself and always be authentic and true to yourself. Always treat others how you want to be treated.

Who do you want to see at the end of the runway?

My Mum, Dad, brother and my friends.

How will you cope without a phone?

I can’t wait. Take it now. It’s the best thing ever. The phone is toxic, so it’s like a healing process for me. The longer I’m in there the better for me. Just take that thing away!