On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother

 On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother

It’s been a VERY eventful few days in the Celebrity Big Brother house… What’s in-store tonight? Find out below…

In the garden, Christopher is talking to Danniella about Gemma, “She woke me up three times last night…Chris…Chris…Chris…I don’t think it’s funny. If she wants a cup of tea today she can fuck off!”

In the bedroom, Gemma doesn’t want to get out of bed as she’s been up all night. She calls out to Big Brother, “Just let me rest and then I’ll give you entertainment!” John hears this and shakes his head

Angie says her goodbyes, and leaves the house due to illness. Gemma remarks, “I think it’s the right thing for you to do.”

In the diary room, Angie is saying her goodbyes to Big Brother, “They are all grand folk; I never imagined that the garden would be so small when it looks so big. You have to experience and live it to really get a grasp on something.”

In the bedroom, Gemma asks Tiffany to carry her tea to the bathroom as she has her hands full. She also asks Christopher to help, he declines.

For today’s task, housemates are tested on how well they know each other. Housemates must answer a series of YES or NO questions by standing on the relevant squares in the garden. From the diary room, Danniella and Christopher must predict how housemates answered the questions, in order to win a prize.

The first question that housemates must answer is: Have you worn the same pair of underpants twice whilst in the Big Brother house? Jeremy and Darren are the only housemates to answer yes, Danniella and Christopher pick Darren correctly.

The next question is: Are any of your housemates jealous of you? Gemma is the only housemate to stand on the yes square. Danniella and Christopher don’t think she answered yes, so the pair is incorrect. Gemma reveals, “In the house there are certain people bitching and moaning about me, so there has to be a hint of jealously.”

The next yes or no question is: Are you talented? All housemates stand on the yes square. Scotty T remarks, “I am good at sports and the gym, I’m quite clever and like to think of myself as a good cook, and I like to think I’m good in bed, so wicked!” Danniella and Christopher pick correctly.

The last question is: Do you have any regrets about your time in the house? MeganJohnJeremy and Darren all stand on the yes square. Jeremy explains why he stood on the yes square, “I have no regrets in life. We’re in a bubble in here…I regret getting a bit too involved (with Stephanie).”

Whilst looking at GemmaJohn comments, “I regret I let certain people get to me so much that I cried.” She replies, “You should really try and forget about me. You’re obsessed with me!”

As Danniellaand Christopher correctly guessed the majority of the answers, they passed the task and won a takeaway for the house.

After the task, Gemmatells John that she does ‘wish him well’, he disagrees. She states, “I say what I got to say, and move on. No offence, I don’t care enough to worry about it but I do wish you well.” John replies ‘OK’.

After Kristinais the third housemate to be evicted from the house, housemates are gathered in the living area where Big Brother reveals it is time for face-to-face nominations. Housemates are shocked by this news.

Each housemate will have to make two face-to-face nominations, and are unaware that receiving a single nomination will result in them facing eviction on Friday.

The nomination process involves tears, tantrums and confrontation and the result will be revealed in tonight’s show.

In the bedroom, Darren reiterates to John that his feelings were hurt when he nominated him last week. The pair agrees that they are ‘cool’.

In the kitchen, Scotty T explains to Stephanie that the situation between her and Jeremy ‘pisses him off’. Stephanie is upset as Scotty T has again, brought up the situation.

In the bedroom, John is trying on Gemma’s kaftan. Danniella laughs.

In the garden, Darren and Christopher are talking about TiffanyDarren remarks, “She doesn’t do herself any favours!”

Gemma is in the diary room, talking about John, “I’ll get on with him for the rest of my time in this house, I will have a conversation with him and I’ll make it TV gold for you. To say he cried in this house over me, I just don’t believe it to be honest.”

Gemma and John chat in the kitchen. She explains the difference between ‘GC’ and Gemma, stating that Gemma is more sensitive. John says he hopes to get to know Gemma.

In the bedroom, Jeremy reveals to Stephanie, “I just embrace being with you. You fall in love and have a connection with people, it’s good to take it home and makes you stronger, it’s something we’re not going to do ever again. We’re on Celebrity Big Brother. We’ll look back at his and we fell in love on TV. Regardless what anyone says, that’s what happened with me. Another chapter of my life. When I look at you I want to look at you more.” She replies, “Stop! You’re gonna make me cry.”

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