House Update: Day 1 highlights and quotes from tonight’s show

 House Update: Day 1 highlights and quotes from tonight’s show

Celebrity Big Brother returned to Channel 5 last night with a whopping 16 housemates (that’s a record btw).

Below are some key highlights and quotes from tonight’s show:

The house is under lock and key, and now it’s up to the celebrities top set it free.

Gemma is first housemate to enter the house, “I’m so nervous!” John comments on Gemma’s hair, “It’s like the attack of the 50 foot woman!”

Danniella mentions to Gemma that she has “massive beef” with Christopher who is the fourth housemate to enter the house. They hug on meeting and promise to have a chat later.

Tiffany explains she is here to make friends.

Big Brother gathers the first eight housemates at the dining room table, and announces that some of the housemates will be locked up. The most decisive housemate is asked to stand up. John stands up, he is now the spokesperson for the group and has to choose two housemates to go into a box and live a frugal life.

John volunteers himself, and then chooses Darren to join him after he volunteers. They make their way to the box room. While the other housemates thank them.

The housemates in the box are tasked to choose three housemates’ suitcases to lock away. They choose Christopher, Winston and Danniella as they believe they “can take it” by not having their suitcases. John explains to Darren, that Danniella has had “far worse” to deal with in life.

The remaining new eight housemates individually enter the house.

Gemma declares to Megan, “We will find you a love situation!”

Scotty T enters the house, Gemma whispers to Megan, “He’s for you!”

Big Brother calls the housemates to the dining table, and asks the box housemates to decide whether they want to steal the luxury food and drink for themselves, or allow the rest of the house to enjoy the luxury crate. They let the rest of the house enjoy the food and drink.

Gemma tells Jonathan that she “talks a bit funny as she’s from a place called Essex.” She invites Jonathan to visit Essex.

Winston is talking to Nancy and tells her it’s good to see her, and that they will get on “just fine” and he’ll look after her.

Big Brother unlocks the bedroom door but not the beds. Stephanie wants a single bed and doesn’t want to be next to a snorer.

John explains to Darren that he hopes to have scored himself some brownie points by going in the box room.

Gemma tells David that she’s not going anywhere, and she’s “going to get strong.”

Stephanie thinks Megan has a chance to “hook up” with Scotty T or Jeremy. She says Scotty is a charmer and “loves the ladies!” Kristina ‘friend zones’ Scotty.

Angie is talking to David about the younger housemates and makes the analogy, “My hearts with them, but my dancing shoes aren’t on.” She explains she doesn’t see her son as he hates her and thinks her ex made that happen, but has a wonderful daughter.

David reveals that he doesn’t have kids as his ex-wife Liza wasn’t able to but that they were looking to adopt.

Gemma gives Tiffany her sequined shoes as a birthday present which reduces Tiffany to tears. She later tells Big Brother that, “Gemma has won her over.”

With the kitchen is now unlocked, the house rush to start eating and drinking.

Stephanie explains she can’t cook and wants to be taught. Tiffany offers to teach her.

Stephanie tells Megan that Jeremy will step back from her, as he knows that Scotty likes her.

Big Brother asks for one housemate to go to the diary room, Danniella She is asked to nominate someone to join the box housemates in order for the beds to be unlocked. She first mentions that she may nominate Winston, but then volunteers herself as she already doesn’t have her suitcase. Housemates applaud her.

Danniella takes herself off to the box room to join John and Darren for the night.

Winston explains as a politician, his alliances are with the poor as he’s seen the struggle. David says he respects him. Winston believes immigration should be controlled.

After listening to Winston from afar, Jonathan explains that he can’t pretend to fake a conversation and would walk away if he were uninterested.

Darren tells Danniella and John that it was awkward when he bumped into his ex-girlfriend Isla, as he is a massive fan of her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, as he thinks he’s “a genius.”

Megan decides not to share a bed with Scotty on the first night; Gemma tries to persuade her. Megan “doesn’t want to push anything” and Gemma suggests “to play hard to get and not to rush it.”

Scotty tells Megan that he spent £4,000 on clothes before entering the Big Brother house.

David tells Big Brother that he likes his housemates and would like to change places with Danniella in the box “as she’s been through an awful lot in her life.”

When Darren and Danniella discussed their prior addictions, she said the first thing she ever did was cocaine when she was 14 years old. Darren said he first started taking it when he was 28 years old, and it had him the first night.

Danniella says, “This is it for me, I need to clear the sh*t that I’m carrying.”

Darren explains he did Hollyoaks for six months and didn’t drink, and then he started drinking again.

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