Sharon Osbourne talks of her love for Ozzy and UK

 Sharon Osbourne talks of her love for Ozzy and UK

On tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Sharon Osbourne opens up to fellow housemate Marisha Wallace about her love of Ozzy and the UK.

Sitting in the bedroom with Marisha, Sharon, talking about her life in LA and reveals that she is going to be moving back to the UK from April, admitting “I miss it here, very very much.” 

Marisha then goes on to ask Sharon how long she had lived in the United States for, she jokes: “A long ass time!” before admitting: “I first moved to America in 75. And I stayed. Even though Ozzy’s from England we met over there.” 

Marisha remarks: “You have been together so long.” Sharon agrees: “Forever, a lifetime.” 

Marisha asks: “What is it like to be with someone for that long, I can’t even imagine” Sharon answers: “It just becomes the most natural thing.” 

Marisha: “That’s real love” 

Asking how he is, Sharon admits: “He’s doing ok, it’s hard for him but he’s doing ok.” Adding “He’s already started to complain. I had my last phone call with him on the way here and he was miserable.”  

These scenes air tonight at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX & STV.

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