Louis and Lauren punished for breaking Big Brother rules

 Louis and Lauren punished for breaking Big Brother rules

Louis Walsh and Lauren Simon are punished on tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother for the discussion of nominations.

Big Brother gathers Housemates on the sofa and says, “Housemates. There has been a rule break. It is against the rules for Housemates to discuss their nominations with each other and this includes speculating or guessing on who has nominated whom or who might nominate whom in the future. This morning, this rule was broken by Louis and Lauren.”

Big Brother the reads out Louis and Lauren’s conversation in it’s entirety to the rest of the house including Lauren referring to Zeze when she says, “She hates me.” 

Big Brother asks Lauren to stand up. Lauren says, “I’m sorry for putting you all in this situation. I was talking about my emotions and how I was feeling about being nominated. In fairness, I’m living with a group of people who I have grown to love and adore and it’s upset me that a few different people, not just one person, has nominated me. I’m sorry for getting everyone in this situation and I apologise.”

Louis stands up and says, “I couldn’t understand how she was nominated because she’s such a great person. I didn’t want to lose her. That’s all.” 

Big Brother then tells Louis and Lauren to wrap up warm for their punishment. He instructs them to make their way to the garden and get into the ‘Celebrity Wheelie Bin of Shame’ until further notice.

Big Brother adds, “Whilst you’re in the Celebrity Wheelie Bin of Shame, you must together write a meaningful letter of apology to the rest of the Housemates.” 

Celebrity Big Brother airs this evening at 9pm on iTV1, ITVX & STV and will see either Gary or Lauren evicted from the house.

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