‘Jarrah’ ‘Nominate’ Natasha and Bobby

 ‘Jarrah’ ‘Nominate’ Natasha and Bobby

Natasha and Bobby have been ‘nominated’ for eviction by Jenna and Farrah.

However, while Jenna and Farrah believe the pair will now be at risk of leaving the house, Natasha and Bobby are instead immune from eviction.

Speaking to Big Brother, Farrah said: “We would like to nominate Natasha for eviction due to her lying behaviour.”

Jenna added: “And that’s not the only thing, I mean watching her after our ‘evictions’, she was so cruel and rude and nasty.

“Her and I just became cool again and she told me nice things again and boom, flipped like the moment we walked out. We do not backstab people.”

Farrah added: “I am happy we tried to do the right things and it’s sad that Natasha is a f**king liar.”

Jenna then said: “Our third nomination, this is easy, Bobby. He is an evil man, he is cruel, he is judgemental, he doesn’t care about other’s feelings on any level.

“I cannot say enough hateful s**t towards that man.”

Farrah added: “He is the darkness… I think the example is when he was lying in on me. When he was saying untrue things about myself and it was unbelievably satanic.”

Jenna and Farrah believed they had been evicted by the general public earlier this week, but instead they were assigned a secret mission and started spying on housemates.

In a further twist, the pair were told that they would decide who would face eviction. However, unbeknownst to them, whoever they nominate will instead actually be immune from eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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