Bradley Riches

Resides: Surrey
Actor and Author

Why Celebrity Big Brother and why now?

I think it’s the perfect time for me in my career. I want to be that posi t ive representat ion for neurodiversity and the queer community. I have a platform and I want to use it!

What do you hope to get from the experience?

From this experience I would love to have a positive experience first of all, as well as making friends. Just have a good, fun, positive experience.

What most scares you about the experience?

Not making connect ions or friendships. I don’t want it to be a lonely, boring experience.

Describe what you’re like to live with in 3 words.

What I’m like to live with in 3 words is – fun, uplifting and maybe annoying. I’m quite positive so people may see it as fake, some people might find it annoying.

Are there any traits or habits you have that you think fellow Housemates might find difficult to live with?

I think I hum and sing a lot, which I can imagine is annoying to live with.

What will you find difficult to live with?

Someone who is hypocritical, like if they say they are clean but are really messy. But if they say they are messy and are messy I’m okay with that. I don’t like the delusion.

Dream CBB Housemates?

My dream CBB Housemate would be someone like Arlene Phillips. She’s musical, she’s older; I feel like she has some good stories to tell.

Worst CBB Housemates? My worst CBB Housemate would be someone who is rude or makes sly comments.

What items are you packing that you can’t live without?

An item I am packing that I can’t live without is my frog headband that I use for skin care. Because it’s just fun!

What’s one piece of advice you’ll take with you into the CBB house?

One piece of advice I’d take into the house would be “be myself” and “stay true to myself”.

Who do you want to see at the end of the runway?

The people I want to see at the end of the runway would be, my mum, my dad, my sister, my boyfriend and my dog Nelson.

How will you cope without a phone?

I think I’d cope without my phone quite well. I feel like I go on it too much. I think it would be a good lesson to get off it more and speak more to people. Not have that glued to my hands. I think it would be a positive thing to happen.