TONIGHT: Housemates go to war as

 TONIGHT: Housemates go to war as

Coming up on tonight’s show: Housemates get used to life without Marco, The Others get worked up about cleaning and Jason plans his escape from Charlie. Both houses face each other for the first time, Andy admits that he might prefer an Other to a Housemate, Ryan thinks his close friendship may have backfired on him and Jayne is upset by Natalie’s ‘Home Truths.’

In the kitchen, Andy tells Jason that he can predict the future in the soapsuds saying: “I see a blonde bird with big boobs, with a s**t load of drama and stress for you.” Jason responds: “I must have the same gift cos I can see the same s**t.”

Meanwhile, Laura is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about a comment made by Andy when Marco left; “Apparently Andy said, ‘Well that was a reality check,’ it was bitchy, I’ve seen another side to him.”

Back in the other house, The Others discuss their cleaning situation. Jackson tells Natalie she should acknowledge what others do. As can be expected it all descends into an argument. Charlie points out: “We’re meant to work as a team, working to get into the house and instead we’re arguing about f**king cleaning.”

Later, Big Brother gathers both houses for an announcement. Over the next two days the houses will do battle; the winning team will have sole control of nominations and receive immunity from this week’s eviction. Lateysha responds saying “I hope it’s not all questions cos I’m thick as f**k.”

During the task Georgina goes head to head with Natalie to deliver some Home Truths and names Andy and Jayne respectively, as he most ‘Untrustworthy’ saying: “Your personalities changes a lot, you’re a bigger game-player than everyone thinks, you attacked me at a vulnerable moment and I think that was a tactic.”

Natalie agrees: “ I do feel that Jayne isn’t all that she makes out to be, she also seems to be the queen of kiss ‘n’ tells and makes out that the money she earns from these kiss ‘n’ tells all go to charity and I don’t believe that at all.”

Following a series of head to head challenges including Hughie and Sam in a Spelling Bee where no-one scored, and Chelsea winning against Andy in a General Knowledge round, The Other’s won the most points and have therefore won control of nominations and immunity from next week’s eviction. Natalie tells Charlie that she hopes they won’t fall out over comments Natalie made about Jayne during her part of the Battle. Reassuring her, Charlie says: “I don’t pick sides, I’m a mutual person.” This causes amusement as Natalie corrects: “Neutral not mutual (laughs). You took one for the team though…. I think Jason is gonna be alright.”

Housemates analyse their performance during the tasks. Emma starts by saying: “We need to be a bit more ruthless…I need to stop being so worried about upsetting people. Georgina responds: “You’ve just got to think, they would throw you under the bus.”

Later, Ryan and Charlie are in the garden talking about HughieRyan says: “Never in a million years would I go for someone like Hughie… I wouldn’t even be friends with someone like him… joking about being in love has backfired… Charlie, I genuinely feel like I like him, Charlie I’ve f**ked it [up].”

Some of the Housemates are in the bedroom talking about Hughie. Sam says: Did Hughie look at me when we were doing the challenge?” Laura responds: “Another romance.” “Showmance!” adds Georgina. Sam concludes: “Showmance number two.”

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