Big Brother advises Ryan to ‘act his age’ following Chelsea’s party

 Big Brother advises Ryan to ‘act his age’ following Chelsea’s party

For today’s task – as it’s Chelsea’s birthday – Lateysha and Ryan must pair up to host party number one, and Sam and Jackson must pair up to host party number two.

Both pairings will go head to head to try and convince their fellow housemates to attend their parties. What the rest of the housemates don’t know is that Lateysha and Ryan are given the best party to host, and Sam and Jackson are given a terribly boring party to host. The pair that convinces the most guests to attend will win a reward.

Chelsea is first to decide which party he would like to attend. He chooses Lateysha and Ryan’s party, and is pleased about his decision

After the hosts have made their party pitches, the majority of housemates decide to attend Sam and Jackson’s party, and therefore have won the task

The housemates that are at Lateysha and Ryan’s party are told they have lost the task, and are then asked to leave the party to go back to the house

As a reward for winning, Sam, Jackson and their party guests head to the better party to enjoy VIP treatment, and celebrate Chelsea’s birthday in style… but without Chelsea. They are all very happy

In the diary room, Ryan complains to Big Brother about losing the party task.

In the kitchen, Ryan, Sam, Hughie and Alex are drinking cocktails. Ryan is sick after drinking the cocktail concoction he created

In the diary room, Ryan tells Big Brother that he has a weak stomach and apologises for being sick. Big Brother advises him to act his age

Ryan and Hughie are hugging and kissing on the sofas, Ryan tells him; “I love you, well I don’t actually love you but you know what I mean. Hughie you mess my head up!” Hughie tells him he’s funny.

The lights are off and all the housemates are in bed. Laura and Evelyn watch Hughie and Ryan get closer in bed

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