Tom and Jenkin evicted

 Tom and Jenkin evicted

In a surprise double eviction, following last nights fake triple eviction; Tom and Jenkin have received the most votes from the public and have been evicted ahead of Friday’s live final.

Last night, we saw Tom, Jenkin and Jordan move into Big Brother’s spare room after they were nominated following face-to-face nominations.

Since then, the public have been voting for who they want to evict, and with the most votes, Tom and Jenkin were evicted, narrowly missing out on a place in Friday’s final.

Earlier this evening, AJ handed over to Big Brother live as the housemates, dressed in wild west attire, were filled in on what had been going on. In the garden, the 3 “outlaws” were given a chance to get anything off their chest before the results were revealed. AJ then announced that Tom and Jenkin had been evicted and would be leaving the house. The remaining housemates were instructed by Big Brother to use the key provide to unlock Jordan’s cage, allowing him to rejoin the house.

Who will win? Stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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