The house nominates following Kerry’s surprise eviction

 The house nominates following Kerry’s surprise eviction

On tonight’s show, the housemates are waking up to a new day in the Big Brother house but tensions are high following Kerry’s shock eviction and the news that Noky and Trish had given her, Dylan and Olivia a killer nomination.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Chanelle says: “Today feels like a divide in the house. I feel like it’s Trish’s group and then obviously Olivia and then Dylan. I would hate for Dylan to not feel part of a pocket of friends.” 

Dylan heads outside in the garden to speak with Noky and Trish. Meanwhile, Chanelle is speaking to Olivia in the bedroom when she asks: “Did you speak to Noky at all in bed last night?”

Olivia says: “No.”

Before long, it was down to business as housemates faced another round of evictions to face the double eviction on Friday.

One by one each housemate heads to the Diary Room as they nominate two of their fellow housemates to face the public vote this week. 

Giving one of his nominations to Big Brother, Dylan says: “Two faced. Game-playing.”

When nominating one of his fellow housemates, Jordan says: “I find that he can be quite curt towards me – I don’t really appreciate that because I don’t know what I’ve done to him in a past life or this life to warrant such reactions.” 

Meanwhile, Trish says: “He wants this experience tailored to him. I don’t really like that.”

But who will the housemates decide to nominate this week? Later that day Big Brother reveals the FOUR housemates who will face the public vote this week in the first double eviction of the series. 

Who goes? You decide. 

Also on tonight show, Henry opens up about his feelings for Jordan.

Henry is speaking to Trish in the bathroom and says: “We’re really good friends Jordan and I but we have kissed like four or five times.”

Trish says: “Ok, that is more times that I was aware of.”

Henry says: “It was playing with my emotions a bit the last couple of days. I think I want a bit of clarity. 

Henry adds: “I literally haven’t felt this emotion before and it’s just been a bit stressful.”

Later, Henry is speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room about Jordan’s relationship with Matty: “There is something strange happening with Jordan and Matty and it’s become a bit of a puzzle in my mind.”

Henry adds: “I guess on a really selfish level, I feel like I’m almost losing Jordan a bit as he’s drifting away. It’s really difficult to explain because I’ve never really felt this before.”

Henry leaves the Diary Room and heads into the bedroom where Jordan and Matty are having a one-on-one conversation on the bed.

Jordan says to Matty: “The moment you walked in I had no idea this s*** would be an inconvenience.” 

Matty says: “I know what you mean.” 

Will Henry tell Jordan how he feels? Will Jordan continue to gravitate towards Matty?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX

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