Tensions are high following halloween evction

 Tensions are high following halloween evction

On tonight’s show, after making their cursed nominations in the early hours of last night, Noky and Trish are left to silently stew over their decision to secretly put Olivia, Kerry and Dylan up for eviction.

After Jordan questions Trish on why he spotted her leaving the bedroom in the middle of the night, she tells him she was comforting somebody. Later she comes to debrief in the Diary Room.

I’m a bit shooketh,” Trish tells Big Brother. “Jordan saw me leaving and was asking me if I was locked outside the bedroom, and then I let it slip out that I was helping someone else.”

“I’m a bit scared that when you guys announce this nomination he will put two and two together and get four, and then I am finished.” 

On the topic of her and Noky’s choices however, she is less concerned. “I don’t regret that at all,” she confirms. “In regards to Olivia, it’s getting a bit boring watching her find humour in humiliating people.”

Noky later comes to the Diary Room to confide. “Big Brother I can’t deal with this anymore. I feel ill,” she admits. “I’ve had about four nervous poos today.”

She goes on to elaborate that she is feeling “serious guilt” and “anxiety”. However she tries not to lose sight of the prize, reminding herself: “I have to act in a way that protects myself and my other fellow possessed housemate by telling porkies which is just not nice.”

Noky and Trish’s cursed nominations don’t remain a secret for long as later that night Olivia, Dylan and Kerry are called to Big Brother’s spooky Room 101 where they, and the rest of the housemates, are informed they’ve been nominated by two ‘possessed’ housemates.

In an attempt to keep their cover, Noky reacts with feigned shock, gasping at the news. “What the f**k!” she exclaims to the group. However, her efforts are in vain as Big Brother then reveals it was she and Trish who became possessed.

I definitely share a bed with one of these people so I’m quite shocked that they would choose me,” Olivia reacts.

Big Brother then reveals who the fourth housemate to be evicted is, and the housemates watch as they say their final words before exiting via a coffin in Room 101.

Upon the surviving nominees’ return, the housemates are still reeling from the night’s events. As two housemates engage in a blazing argument, the others are debriefing quietly. “I knew she was fake as f**k,” Paul says about Noky.

You’re full of s**t and you’re a pretender,” Trish exclaims to one of her scorned housemates.

Amidst the drama, Noky tries to keep a low profile: “I just want to stay silent,” she says.

But exactly who was evicted? And who has turned on who in the aftermath? Viewers can see it all for themselves in tonight’s explosive episode.

Big Brother continues at 9pm tonight on ITV2 and ITVX

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