Housemates take part in ‘foul’ fast food task

 Housemates take part in ‘foul’ fast food task

Big Brother sets the housemates a new task in tonight’s Big Brother, with Chanelle, Jenkin & Tom given jobs at Big Brother’s Foul Fast Food. The trio must serve up horrid fast-food concoctions to their fellow housemates.

The rest of the house must simply eat their takeaway in its entirety – however, “as customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority at Big Brother’s Foul Fast Food, housemates must eat their delivery with a smile”. If housemates pass the challenge, without complaint, a tasty takeaway is up for grabs.

But what exactly will the housemates be eating?

Tom delivers Olivia and Trish Blazing Burgers to the bathtub. Dylan comments “that’s gonna burn If you don’t eat it fast”.

Whilst gagging on her meal, Olivia says “I’m really really struggling” and then screams “I’M SO HAPPY!”.

Later, while Henry and Paul are waiting for Tom to deliver their food order, Henry is heard repeating the mantra: “I’m at Claridge’s, I’m at Claridge’s, I’m at Claridge’s”.

Paul responds, “I don’t even know where that is, but I’m there too”.

Henry, as the food critic he is, ironically comments, “that’s fucking lovely… it’s really well balanced, texturally so interesting”.

Will ALL the housemates be able to keep a smile on their face whilst eating from Big Brother’s Foul Fast Food? Tune in tonight to find out…

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