‘Golden Period’ key to success of Big Brother UK revival

The ‘Golden Period’ of Big Brother UK will be key to the success of the upcoming revival, ITV boss Kevin Lygo has said during the broadcasters latest earnings call.

“The key to Big Brother is to keep it like it was in its golden period, to have it more interesting, intelligent, upmarket, etcetera, than other reality shows. I think it’s a great addition to have in the autumn period.” he said.

When asked about when the show was likely to air he responded that “Love Island will be in the summer again, of course, and then further on down – we haven’t specifically said yet – but probably September, October time, Big Brother comes in and hopefully will do a similar job for us.”

He was then quizzed on the perceived poor performance of the latest winter edition of Love Island, in which he blamed a “competitive environment” for reality shows in the period.

He went on to say that “it’s still this extraordinary phenomenon that getting nearly three million viewers every night at nine o’clock – the biggest young show that is on the television set. So there’s no panic at all about ‘Love Island’ and we’ll continue to make it. It’s rolling out successfully across the rest of the world as well.”

He continued by saying that “It’s the biggest young show that is on the television in total so there’s no panic at all about Love Island and we’ll continue to make it.”

Big Brother is currently scheduled to return in Q4 and will air across ITV2 and ITVX.

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