Farida becomes first housemate evicted

 Farida becomes first housemate evicted

Farida has become the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Will revealed exclusively on last night’s Late & Live that Farida and Kerry had been nominated for eviction following the first round of nominations. In a break from tradition, each housemate was called to the diary room and asked to nominate one of their fellow housemates to face the public vote.

Voting took place exclusively via the BB app and website.

AJ & Will spoke live to the house and revealed that Farida had recieved the most votes and was the first housemate to be evicted.

Speaking to AJ & Will on Late & Live, Farida was asked why she thought she was first to be evicted over Kerry:

I’ve got no idea whatsoever, honestly, she really really wanted to be in there. I was quite happy to be out

She was then shown her nominations. Asked how she felt she replied:

That’s fine, they’ve known me for how many days? 5,6 days? Honestly, their opinion doesn’t matter.

Asked about Salmongate:

I don’t recall eating salmon off her plate, but if I did, at least I enjoyed it.

Speaking of Kerry:

She’s a drama queen, she’s not the sort of person I’d associate with in my every day life.

Asked to reflect on her time in the house, Fa

Yesterday, Zac said to me “Can you tell me something you’ll remember?” and for me, waking up with 16 different people, it’s an incredible way of waking up, I’m 50 years old and to experience it with a whole group of youngsters, people of all age groups. I have done (sic) the most amazing belly laughs, the way you laugh at situations and tasks, your hysterical, so memorable.

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