Farida and Kerry react to nominations

 Farida and Kerry react to nominations

On tonight’s Big Brother, housemates nominate for the first time and Farida and Kerry react to being nominated for eviction.

Yesterday, Big Brother announced to the house that it was nominations day. Big Brother told the group that they would be asked to nominate ONE housemate for eviction this week.

The two housemates revealed to be facing eviction are Kerry and Farida. Kerry received 5 nominations, whilst Farida received 8 nominations.

During the course of nominations, Farida was accused of being “rude”, “hard work”, “selfish” and of having “a hidden agenda”. One housemate claimed that she was “opinionated on something she doesn’t even have the perspective on,” and her inability to remember her fellow housemates’ names also came under fire.

Kerry was labelled “loud”, “overpowering” and “patronising” by certain housemates, and her recent tantrums over food also earned her no favours. One housemate went as far as to say: “She’s a grown woman who needs to get it together and deal with it.” 

Big Brother will reveal who nominated who during tonight’s show.

Upon learning her fate, Farida was suspicious that the two oldest housemates found themselves up for eviction, telling Kerry: “All the youngsters stuck together and they got out the oldest people,” much to the amusement of Olivia who struggled to stifle a laugh.

Don’t laugh ‘cos that’s not nice!” Farida bit back. “I’m not laughing at that but you’re making it out as if we’ve all grouped together,” explained Olivia. 

No, that’s exactly what happened,” Farida responded.

I can’t be arsed with that… f**cking hell!” Olivia exclaimed before walking away from the situation.

Elsewhere, Jenkin suspected Kerry was not handling the news as cooly as she appeared, telling Big Brother: “I reckon, it’s gonna brew and the more that Kerry is saying she’s not bothered it’s going to sort of start to seem like she is… which might wind up Farida.” 

“It’s like the battle of the titans isn’t it, the two maternal figures.”

The first live eviction airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX and watch the evictee be grilled in their first live interview immediately afterward on Big Brother: Late & Live.

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