Day 2: Mandy’s secret sex tape scandal

 Day 2: Mandy’s secret sex tape scandal

On tonight’s show: Mandy’s secret sex tape scandal, Ellie and Lotan kiss in the hot tub, People’s Housemate Tom gains more power within the house and Imran and Arthur challenge each other’s opinions on Welfare State

Yesterday People’s Housemate Tom, split the housemates into citizens: Kieran, Mandy, Joe, Kayleigh, Imran, Ellie, Deborah who are waking up to comfort in Rose Cottage and exiles who are waking up in dingy Thorn Cottage: Chanelle, Arthur, Charlotte, Lotan, Rebecca, Raph, Hannah, Sukhvinder

Sukhvinder tells Imran ‘there are people I don’t like

Tom is called to the Intelligence Centre to implement three new house rules that will apply to the exile

  • If the exiles are having a private conversation they must disclose what they are talking about if asked by a citizen
  • All beverages for citizens must be made by the exiles
  • Exiles must bow every time a citizen enters a room

Sukhvinder reveals to Imran; “I’m allergic to people! The whole thing is so surreal. I don’t want to lose who I am… I don’t want to come in here and turn into a sheep.



Arthur asks Joe; “Do you always wear make-up?” Joe replies; “What? What are you saying? You’ve upset me…Arthur that’s your number one strike, you have two more and I’ll go!” Arthur then comments that Joe has a ‘good complexion.

In the diary room, Mandy confirms who she has her eye on; “A toss up between Lotan and KieranTom’s a cutie as well, perfectly formed. Where’s the one my age? I feel like the mum!

On the sofas, Lotan starts a pillow fight with Ellie, he asks her; “Did that excite you?

Joe reiterates to Arthur that ‘this is a game.

On the sofas, Chanelle reveals she recently had a Brazilian bum lift, has filler in her lips and has tried Botox twice.

For the task, the citizens and exiles compete. Big Brother asks pairs from each team which salacious headline they think represents a housemate

Rebecca’s correct headline is ‘no make up no job’, she explains; “It’s true, I wouldn’t hire somebody if they didn’t wear make up to work, my personal opinion.”

Kayleigh’s correct headline is ‘acting like a tit’, she confirms she can ‘suck her own nipple’

Mandy’s correct headline is ‘sex tape shocker’, she reveals; “Charlotte’s father and I did a sex tape and then we split up! I was 7 stone 6 and I gave a great performance!”

During the task, Chanelle explains she was ‘called ugly all through school’

Raph’s correct headline is ‘can’t beat a cheat’, he reveals; “I dated three girls in high school and each time I dated a girl, I cheated on her with a guy to explore what it felt like to be with a guy…nothing I can say to justify it.” Housemates are shocked.

Imran’s correct headline is ‘benefits backlash’, he explains, “As you know, I was married at a young age and have been working my ass off. I’m sick of people making excuses. I’ve had to travel all over the country to find work. Get up off your ass and find some work!” Housemates cheer

In the garden, Raph is upset about how he will now be perceived following on from his cheating headline.

Imran thinks his housemates are ‘good people’, Sukhvinder disagrees, ‘not everybody is good’

Lotan and Kieran are in the hot tub, Tom walks around the house with his bum out

In the bathroom, Arthur and Imran are having a disagreement, Arthur tells Imran; “My view on benefits is that you should take whatever you can. At the end of the day, if you got it you’ve got to flaunt it. There’s a system so play it.” Imran disagrees; “How can we progress if we just think about ourselves? We have to help each other.” Arthur thinks ‘it’s jealousy’.Imran says; “It’s not about jealousy, it’s humanity. You think it’s OK to exploit the Welfare State? I disagree with that.”

Hannah and Sukhvinder reveal to Mandy that her sex tape headline shocked them

Some housemates are in the hot tub, Ellie kisses Lotan

Tom is in the diary room, Big Brother explains that he will be receiving more information from the public and will be given the opportunity to change his decision about which housemates are citizens and exiles

Ellie reveals to Mandy that she likes Lotan and feels; “He can do better than me, he’s stunning!”

Ellie joins Lotan in the smoking area; “You get good looking girls!” He replies; “People assume I’m arrogant! Looks don’t mean jack to me for starters – I’m not saying you’re not beautiful cos you are, your eyes are re-donk-culous!”

In the kitchen, Kayleigh reveals to Lotan that Ellie fancies him. Lotan reveals that he wouldn’t ‘bang’ Ellie and does ‘like her’, he adds; “I turn women f**king crazy! The best advice for her is to stay away from me.”

Ellie heads into Lotan’s bed, the pair share a hug and kiss. He tells her; “You make me smile, you make me want to be happy a lot!”

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