Big Brother Panto

Big Brother Panto is a special series of Big Brother that brought together ten housemates from previous Big Brothers to produce the pantomime Cinderella. It aired from 20 December 2004 to 5 January 2005 on the Channel 4 network.

The pantomime performed, Cinderella, was written by Jonathan Harvey, who wrote the sitcom Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Big Brother Panto


Big Brother Panto aired from 20 December 2004 to 5 January 2005 and was presented by Jeff Brazier. It was broadcast each night on E4 at 10pm and repeated the following morning the T4 slot on Channel 4. On 28 December there was a live show on E4 at 11am where comments and suggestions from the public were read to the housemates. The finale aired at 9pm on E4.

The housemates went home twice, firstly from 23 to 27 December and secondly from 30 December to 3 January to spend Christmas and New Year at home.

Unlike all other Big Brother series, there were no evictions and no winner. The only public vote was for who played Cinderella.

On 27 December, Channel 4 accidentally broadcast the first half of the late-night E4 show, containing adult language and content, pre-watershed on T4. They later apologised.


Name Big Brother History
Series Status
Anouska Golebiewski Big Brother 4 Evicted
Jade Goody Big Brother 3 Fourth place
Kitten Pinder Big Brother 5 Ejected
Marco Sabba Big Brother 5 Evicted
Melanie Hill Big Brother 1 Evicted
Narinder Kaur Big Brother 2 Evicted
Nick Bateman Big Brother 1 Ejected
Spencer Smith Big Brother 3 Evicted
Tim Culley Big Brother 3 Evicted
Victor Ebuwa Big Brother 5 Evicted


The housemates spent the duration of the series in “The Lodge”. There was a kitchen, bedroom, diary room, and a great hall. The Lodge was located in Bristol Studios.