Well, as this current series of Big Brother comes to an end this evening it is with a refreshing sense of enjoyment that it is surprisingly going to be a Perez Free event. Sadly this series has been more of an endurance test for us the viewers as well as the housemates rather than an endless bundle of fun and laughs. I can hardly remember any of the tasks or challenges that the celebs undertook and that was purely because every highlights show was taken up with a plethora of arguments and ill feeling. Even when we did get to see a task they were usually set up by BB to create tension and further friction within the house. So for me this is going to be one of the more forgettable series we have seen which is a pity because the housemates have really earned their corn this time having to put up with the irritating cyclone of discontent and nastiness that is Perez Hilton. But enough of Perez, his time in the house has thankfully finished and all of those remaining seem like thoroughly nice people – but who will win? For the last CBB series I managed to correctly predict all of the finishers from 5th to 1st so let me once more have a go.

In fifth place will I believe be Michelle Visage. Michelle has been consistently pleasant and has certainly stood her corner in arguments but she hasn’t pushed her head above the parapet too often and given she was virtually unknown to the majority of the British public prior to the series I don’t think she has done enough to create a good enough vibe for the masses to vote for her. She will just be an also ran – undoubtedly a lovely lady but not a winner.

Fourth place will be a battle between polar opposites. In my opinion it will be a toss up between Katie Price and Keith Chegwin. Both of them have shown a softer side to their characters – one which we have always known was there in Cheggers but the other one in Pricey was far better hidden. This pair have both been playing the game well. Pricey knows that a lot of the public dislike her because of her fiery side and she has done well to not show that at all and unfortunately this has led to criticism that she is boring. I think that this is the real Katie Price and although she has in the past not been afraid to court controversy she is basically a normal girl who likes to have a laugh whilst leading a peaceful life. Perhaps she has grown up? This is something to be proud of but as far as Big Brother is concerned it does not make a winner. Pricey will finish fourth. Keith I believe will sneak third spot and this is about right for Mr Switzerland. Keith doesn’t like to offend people and that is an admirable trait to have but sadly Keith realised this part way through the show and decided to up his game to prove everyone wrong. He went out of his way to stand up for himself and proved to all and sundry that he was trying perhaps harder than anyone in the house to garner support so that he could win. This will I believe be the reason he will not win. Had he just carried on being “good ol Cheggers” then we could be looking at our winner but by shouting and arguing a lot of the time and behaving like a three year old by stopping with his cleaning and tidying routine as soon as he was up for eviction he showed his desperation to win and this is not a winners trait.

So, it is with a small and rather limp fanfare that we crown our winner. With the devilishly handsome Calum Best and the Sarcasm Queen that is Katie Hopkins vying for the title there can for me only be one winner. The “Hopkinator” has from minute one in the house been there with a witty riposte and a verbal put down whoever has been silly enough to cross her. Most of the time this has been Perez Hilton and it must be such sweet music to her that she has outlasted her loud mouthed American adversary. Those who see the Hopkinator as a rude and objectionable character just aren’t listening to her properly. The vast majority of her comments are firmly tongue in cheek and if you as a viewer are not clever enough to understand them then that is your problem not hers. She has a view and she loves to share it. She is quite happy to hear your side of things but you must be able to back up any thoughts you have with a reasoned argument. Sometimes she may come across as cruel and a little heartless but she does tell the truth. It might not be pleasant to hear her express surprise at just how ill educated Alicia was but let’s be honest anyone who learns their alphabet in their thirties whilst teaching their three year old child is not the cleverest of the bunch. A harsh truth but a truth nonetheless.

In my opinion Calum will be a close second tonight. He has been a slow burner in this series. He began by just relaxing and chilling his way through the first couple of weeks just letting the arguments float all around him and not getting involved. But, everyone has their limits and eventually he reached his and started to let Perez know when he had crossed the line. He has consistently been a thoroughly decent bloke and as Jim Davidson quite correctly commented during last nights show he has been a credit to his late father and his Mum both of whom would be hugely proud of the polite and personable man he has become. This time last week I would have thought Calum would finish fourth or fifth but in the last week he has really come to the fore and it would never surprise me to see him pick up the crown. Good guys can win and Big Brother is by and large a show where the most pleasant people are rewarded however in this instance I think Katie’s wit, humour and willingness to stand up to Perez day after day should see her crowned the winner. And yes, she has most importantly shown us she has a heart and a wonderful caring side to her nature.

5th Michelle

4th Katie P

3rd Keith Chegwin

2nd Calum

And your Winner is…..Katie Hopkins



by Stuart Govier

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