Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke has finished in 3rd place.

He summed up his time in the house saying: “I literally have had the most bizarre experience of my entire life.”

Locke also spoke about the row that happened in the house when he was nominated saying: “I thought if I was going to stick up for myself at any point than that was the right time.

“You have to love yourself a little bit sometimes.”

The Made in Chelsea star also addressed his potential romance with Sam Faiers referring to her as “My Beautiful Sam”.

He said: “I adore Sam. I like her a lot more than a friend. We haven’t really spoken about it.

“I very much want to take her out for dinner. I want to take her on a Southbank walk in London.”

When asked if they have a future together, he added: “Who knows? As reality TV has taught me, you have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen.”

Pictures of Ollie’s time in the house:

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