Jim Davidson has won Celebrity Big Brother 13.

Discussing how it felt to be crowned the winner, Davidson told host Emma Willis: “It’s overwhelming. All the people cheering..it’s over whelming.”

Davidson also spoke about his popularity with the public as he was nominated by his fellow housemates nine times.

He said: “They nominated me every time and never came to apologies to me afterwards. I wasn’t playing a game.”

He also addressed his relationship with Linda Nolan which saw them have a number of fiery rows and spats.

“It takes two hands to clap, it takes two people to argue. We’re in a situation in the house where we’re forced to be together, we’re forced to get on.

“Linda is a fantastically strong artist. I really do admire Linda Nolan. She hasn’t had the best of times, we did clash a little bit. That’s what this house is about, it’s very difficult in there.”

The comedian added that he often walked away from arguements to make it easier on his fellow housemates.

He added: “If there’s an argument, you take 50% of it away and the argument stops. You do it for the good of the house.”

Pictures of Jim’s time in the Big Brother house:

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