As we enter the final 24 hours of this current series of Celebrity Big Brother there has emerged one clear favourite to win this edition of the Big Brother madness. Gary Busey went into the house with a fiersome reputation for hard living and a typical exponent of “the Hollywood lifestyle” – he comes out as a character who has plainly learnt from his mistakes.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Of those remaining with him in the house in my opinion only Audley has an outside chance of taking the crown from him. I, like many, thought initially that Dee and George would grow as people and housemates in their time incarcerated but they have sadly failed to develop beyond this and go on to challenge for the title of winner. Edele whilst showing an inoffensive character has proven to be a wallflower in the house up until the point when this was pointed out to her in a task and then upped her game to try and prove how entertaining she was. Too little too late I’m afraid. And this leaves James. I’m sure there’s a nice person inside James, somewhere. By god though, it’s deeply buried. But, I wouldn’t rule him out of winning the show – as Helen in the main Big Brother showed this summer – anything can happen.

My prediction for the final night is that it will clearly break down into three segments. The first part will be ridding the house of the deadwood. Those housemates who have proven to be generally nice people but just don’t have what it takes to win this type of TV series. For me this will be a battle between Edele and Dee as to who leaves the house in 6th and then 5th place. I anticipate that Edele will shade this and I’m sure that she will be more than happy to have made the final night. Other than a few arguments with Gary where she has shown herself to be very impatient and intolerant of his deafness and quirky Americanisms she has by and large proven to be a nice lady with a good sense of humour. This experience will not change her life drastically – she’s not going to revive her pop music career but she will bank the money and say thank you for an enjoyable few weeks. As for Dee she has moved away from her reputation built up on Benefits Street and shown herself to be a caring and pleasant figure. Hopefully this experience will have changed her life and she can use the fee earned to better herself and move away from the culture from which she was entwined. However, it would not surprise me one bit if we’re not watching a Channel 5 documentary in a few years time on Dee and how she squandered her money and is now back on benefits.

The second segment of the night will be a face off between the three men destined to finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th. It will be a close call and may well depend on the final couple of edits of the show. Will James be portrayed as a loveable rogue, full of fun and with not a bad word to say for anyone or will he continue to prove to be a condescending, argumentative, nasty and gobby diva. His treatment of Gary – whilst he tried to mask it as educating the American to our British ways – has been toe curlingly cringe worthy and downright insulting to the intelligence of a man who has achieved more in his life than James ever will. The Brad Pitt of dancing has shown himself to be more akin to Fred Scuttle and I believe that he will fall flat at the final hurdle and place a lowly fourth. George, like Dee was a potential winner in the first week but has not moved on from that and endeared himself to the public as a relative unknown has to if he is ever to take a celebrity crown in this type of show. George is without doubt a nice man but in my opinion that’s just not enough. In six months time we will struggle to remember his name from this show and he will have reverted to his career as a sparks not a career in showbiz. This leaves Audley who I believe will finish as runner up. Audley’s cool, calm and polite demeanour has enhanced his reputation no end. I must admit that as a boxing fan he has seldom engendered any enthusiasm in me when his fights have been announced. Time and time again he has failed to excite in the ring – only doing enough to win a fight not dominate and crush an opponent. As a person he has proven to be a first class gentleman. An unflappable character coupled with a kind heart. He has made a real effort to get to know Gary and help him through what must be a difficult place to live when so many others want only to argue. He has been unfairly criticised as the chef in the house when surely he has done this only to help his fellow housemates and also keep himself occupied? I’d be very happy for Audley to win this particular title but can’t see beyond the first American winner of our show.

Gary has throughout the show been the epitome of restraint and self control under very rude and unsympathetic treatment from the vast majority of the housemates. Whilst it cannot be denied that Gary is annoying, kooky and a little weird what has emerged is that he has a good heart and a desire to better himself. Of all the “arguments” in the house that Gary has been involved in what has been apparent is that Gary has never said a bad word or been angry. He has just been non-plussed as to why people have been upset with him. They have failed big time to understand that he has grown up with an English vocabulary but an American upbringing and they are very very different to ours. Yes he talks the same language but what is acceptable in the USA is frowned upon here. Instead of just accepting this they have all sought to change him. Why they have done this instead of just allowing him his unorthodox ways is a mystery. Busey suffered permanent brain damage after a motorcycle accident in 1988, recovered from cancer in 1997 and has relied way too much on substances he shouldn’t have throughout his life but instead of showing any empathy for his situation the celebs have given him short shrift and this is unforgiveable. This un-British attitude to a fellow human being is a major reason why the public have taken Busey to their hearts and why he will I believe romp home to win this series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Hope you enjoyed your Celebrity Big Brother Summer – Roll on January

Stu Govier


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