PreBTDRHello again!

I can hardly believe that it’s nearly time to start another winter celebrity series!

Where HAS this year gone!? But as always at least we can count a whole bunch of celebs being locked inside the big brother house to brighten up that post-christmas slump, right? I do love a good bit of celebrity-size housemate action to start my year off right and by all accounts next years’ series should be a cracker! I’m here today to give you a quick recap of all the info we know so far & tell what I think of it all along the way, let’s get stuck in!

Where best to start than the first bit of information we received, that is of course the reveal of the brand-spanking new (and very, very shiny!) incarnation of the big brother eye. This was the first taste we received of what now looks to be a very plush, royalty themed series. Personally, now I’ve had time to digest it & see the eye in motion in the very short teaser that was released, I’ve actually grown to quite like the eye. I just hope that the on-screen graphics that come with it are as good as the ones from the summer as I feel that the presentation of the show as a whole during that run was hands down the best it’s been on channel 5.

Next, I want to quickly touch on the news that AJ will no longer be co-host Bit on the Side as of the January series. I must admit, I was rather disappointed to hear about this, I rather enjoyed having a double act hosting BOTS, it made a nice change along with Emma’s hosting nights and to be fair to AJ, I rather enjoyed her hosting the psych spin-off & if I’m bluntly honest, I’d have preferred if she had stayed over Rylan. regardless though, I’ll be curious to see how Rylan copes on his own, he made a great housemate, so maybe solid block solo hosting might give him a better and more solid change to craft his hosting style.

While I’m discussing negatives in this pre-season for a moment, there is one other thing that has bugged me so far & that’s the fact we’ve had a drastically reduced advertising campaign. After the brilliantness that was the secret spy advert from the summer I was excited to see what they’d give us this time, but so far all we’ve had is a 11 second launch date trailer!? That’s all very good but I was hoping for something a little more creative. But maybe they’ll get creative with their adverts again in the summer?

Moving back to the positives now, for me the high point of this pre-season has to be getting to see the revamped house (Thanks for the early christmas present, C5!) which in my view is possibly the nicest house since the channel move. I am incredible excited to see this house on-screen & I’m really hoping Emma does a house tour again. I wasn’t expecting much considering that it’s only a short series & then BAM! we get the “palace house”. In many way it actually reminded me slightly of BB7’s house. So maybe that might say something about what we’re in for? (BB7 was one of my favourite series, just in case you were wondering.)

Well that’s it for now, but I’ll be back to give you a full rundown of my thoughts on Big Brother’s new palace before the series starts!

Not long now CBB fans!

Take Care & have a wonderful New Year,

RK xx


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