As Big Brother 15 is rapidly approaching, Ross gives us his thoughts on the recent Celebrity Edition…


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Hello Friends!

My My! What a journey we’ve been on hey? Three weeks of Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll. (Without the rock n’ roll & drugs most likely, Although you never know!) I for one did not expect the series we’ve had when our motley crew walked through the doors on launch. But it certainly has turned out to be one of the best CBB series I think we’ve ever seen, mind you nothing will ever compare to CBB4 in my mind, but that’s not the point here.  Shall we begin our walk down memory lane?

Let’s Kick things off with your winner, Jim Davidson. Ladies & Gentlemen I still cannot quite believe he won. Personally, I’m very divided on Jim. Part of me wants to like Jim as he does seem to have changed but part of me also HATED the Linda V Jim Conflict. So, I’m kinda conflicted when it comes to him. But I will say this, his C5 interview show that aired was incredibly interesting.

Working our way back through the line-up, Dappy was our runner-up & a worthy one it would seem if popular opinion (ergo,Twitter) is to be believed. I personally do agree, Dappy did deserve such a good placing, as he was incredibly entertaining in the house, between flirting with Louisa, fighting with Louisa & bro-mancing with Jim, he was certainly worthwhile putting into the house on many a level.

On to third place now & the loveable Ollie Locke. I have to admit before I begin, that I was firmly on “Team Ollie” during the run & I’ll explain why now. The glimpses of him we saw once separated from Lionel showed a charming & funny, if not slightly socially awkward man which I really really enjoyed & I personally believe it is perhaps one of the biggest tragedies of having such a mammoth series is that characters like Ollie, perhaps get swallowed in the edit by larger characters, like Linda for example, in the battle for air time, which means we don’t get to truly see them for what they’re worth inside the house. Now, I know this is a huge statement but had he gotten slightly more air time, I think he could potentially have won.

In Fourth place was chirpy & cheeky essex girl Sam Fairers. Well, at least that what she came across as in the brief moments we saw her. Once again as I said above she was another of our celebs that were swallowed the edit with such incredibly large characters & I really don’t think she got her chance to properly shine at all, which personally I feel is a massive shame & a waste of a her time as she could have really shone if she hadn’t been overshadowed.

In fifth place, is the always entertaining if not slightly OTT & Bizarre Luisa Zissman. Now, I must be honest & say that I had a very love/hate with Luisa during the series, I found myself torn between loving her sense of humour & her rebellions but then at times just plain wanting her to shut up! As harsh as that may sound it’s true. But despite that, she is one of the housemates that really made this series pop & I would happily watch her locked at BB’s pleasure once again should they do another ‘Ultimate Big Brother’ at some stage.

Finally in the final placings, is the gorgeous Casey Batchelor. Ah where to begin? Casey, Casey, Casey. Stepping away from the love triangle story for a second, I personally think Casey did a fantastic job of using her time in the house to do what many former housemates have done, which is use the show to build their personal profile. When not tangled in the car crash that was Lee Ryan, I feel she showed that there is very much more to glamour models like she wanted too. But in regards to Lee, quite frankly I think the poor girl was played.

Which brings me to Mr Lee Ryan. Oh dear, I darn well need practically another whole column to dedicate to his car crash of a time inside BB’s walls. Wowser. Where do I begin? Well, I suppose on the bright side, Lee’s antics provided great TV but sadly for him, I think he seriously messed up & did the complete opposite of Casey and pretty much shredded any ounce of credibility he had on entering the house, It’s a real shame because I had high hopes for Lee before he entered seeing as he’d been rumoured for so long & he seemed like he’d be a great housemate, but then that happens. So, I guess you could say, to put it mildly at least I’m very disappointed in Lee both as a BB viewer & a fan as I don’t think we saw the real Lee as he spent all his time thinking with his pants.

As I’ve cover the other housemates in pervious posts, to save repeating my views let’s wrap this baby up! Winter Celebrity Big Brother 2014 has probably been the wildest & most thrilling CBB we’ve seen in ages, possibly for all the wrong reasons, but regardless it was a welcome change from the humdrum some of the previous CBB’s have been & hopefully the editions to follow will be just as exciting. That said though I really think we’re better off with just one CBB dose as it certainly makes it more of an event, but i’ve always said that. Finally, I would like to thank the wonderful team here at Big Blagger who have been ever so patience with me during this run as things haven’t run smoothly as I’d hoped. I love you guys & I’m ever so sorry!

Well, there we have it my final wrap-up of winter CBB 2014. See you in the summer!

Take Care,

RK xx

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