Toya left the house to booing from the crowd but kept smiling and played up to the awaiting photographers.


In her interview with Emma, Toya joked, “If they’re booing, it’s because they love me, honey!” Emma asked how she felt to be evicted and Toya responded saying, “I’m so relieved…it got to a point where I wasn’t having fun any more” She went on to explain that Helen is “regulating the fun” in the House but “I keep it real and refuse to ever be a victim”

Emma asked why she thinks was chosen to be the Power Housemate and Toya said, “I felt like I was more neutral…” but went on to add, “I am Hurricane Toya…when I’m annoyed you will know…I don’t regret any of that”

Emma observed that when Toya got defensive, her tone can come across quite overwhelming. Toya said, “Before I blew, on two occasions I said, ‘let me explain’…people hear but they don’t listen” Emma asked if she should stay calmer and Toya said “Maybe, but I don’t regret anything I said…Matthew deals with things differently to me…I don’t hold that against him”

Discussing Marlon, Toya commented that, “he needs this (Big Brother) to validate him…When I walked into the House, my spirit didn’t take to him…I don’t respect people that are sheep”

When asked about her relationship with Helen, Toya said, “She’s a very confused girl…she’s got a lot of issues and is very angry…I lost hope over Helen” Emma pressed further asking how much Helen dominates the House and Toya observed, “She sets the tone…her mood is dictated by whether she gets red wine or not…I don’t think she’s inherently bad”

Following the interview, Big Brother revealed that the Power will return to the House and that all the girls will be exempt for this week’s nominations. They must work together to decide which of the boys will face the public vote next week.

Pictures of Toya’s time in the house:-

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