Steven Goode and Kimberly Kisselovich are engaged.

Goode popped the question in the Diary Room at the BB House with family and friends present, before confirming the news on Twitter.

Goode wrote: “I am sitting inside the #bbuk with everyone I love so much! I can confirm @Kimberly_Kisse and I are engaged! So happy right now! Xxxxxx”

Remembered for their many romps underneath the sheets in this year’s Big Brother: Power Trip house, the pair are considering planning a £1 million wedding.

Goode told the Daily Star: “I always dreamed of having a £1 million wedding. There will be huge parties over four days with a massive fireworks display. Watch this space.”

When asked who will be on the guest list, Goode said that not all of his fellow housemates will be invited to the nuptials.

“Danielle, Toya, Matthew and Chris won’t be getting an invite to the wedding of the decade,” he said.

“I would rather watch paint dry than have those fame-hungry peasants there.”

Goode also rubbished claims that “Steverly” is just a publicity stunt.

“Previous BB couples may have been doomed, but they are not Steverly,” he said.

“Kim and I will spend the rest of our lives together… and be the only couple in BB history to be genuine and together forever.”

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