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It’s that time of the week again where I bring you up to speed on my thoughts on all the goings on of the previous week inside the BBUK house, this week it’s all about the departure of Queen Pauline, THAT shower & Farm Chaos. Let’s get cracking!

Let me begin with the eviction that I think we all saw coming quite a while before it happened! Ah, Pauline. It all fell apart so soon. Now, wether or not she was right or wrong or anything to do with the whole Jale situation is a debate for another entire column on it’s own to be honest but it’s fairly obvious that in her last few days in the house pauline knew her number was up. Which is a shame if I’m entirely honest, because had she not been so confrontational & authoritative with the entire house I feel as thought she’d have stayed. I initially really liked her on launch & It was sad to see her character change so much so quickly in that house in my view.

Right! Shall we all take a moment to discuss THAT shower? Oh my. I must admit I was initially surprised by Kimberley’s actions but after seeing how she handled the aftermath, it’s clear to me that she got the situation to unfold how she wanted. Despite acted all innocent, I don’t believe for a second that she hadn’t planned to make a move for Winston & That’s exactly what she did. Clearly it didn’t work out how it planned for her, but I can’t say I feel bad for her.

Also this week, the housemates were given the rather mucky task of living on BB Farm. Ooh yes, this was a great task, I LOVED seeing the chickens squirm with the omelette making in particular. Mark’s reactions were incredibly hilarious! The poor guy clearly wasn’t prepared for such a quirky task. It was also quite interesting to see the house being broken up into different groups as I feel that again changed the dynamic & I feel that it changed certain HM’s views on their fellow inhabitants.

Finally, I want to touch on my thoughts for this upcoming eviction. I’d like to see Jale or Danielle go. Jale, because I feel she needs a wake-up call, she seems to have got a sense of power about herself lately & It’s not a great look. Danielle, because let’s face it, this girl needs to seriously tell us all who the HELL she actually is! Is she the woman her twitter feed & lads’ mags interviews portray or is she what we’ve seen in the house? I’m confused & I’d like answers!

That’s it for me for now but I’ll see you next week with my next batch of opinions!

Take care,

RK xx


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